Tom Cantlon is a local columnists for The Daily Courier in Prescott, Arizona.

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Cantlon: Vote effectively, and the old post office

The first round of the City Council election is starting up. The way you fill out your ballot can be more effective or less.

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Cantlon: Here's a crazy idea-end advertising

Want a good laugh? Here’s a crazy idea that will have you laughing at “that crazy Cantlon”. Something I’ve talked about for 30 years. The solution to a lot of problems? End advertising.

Cantlon: This needs all jumping into action

You know when certain situations make everyone jump, like backyard barbecue where one of the little kids starts swinging a big stick unaware how close the infant is, and every adult jumps up to grab the infant or the stick?

Cantlon: Luring remote workers here

I’ve written a couple of times about an economic opportunity that Prescott has an excellent shot at, better than almost any other place.

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Cantlon: Valuing Dells negotiations

Negotiations about the Dells development continue. I’ve recently talked with people in Save the Dells and city government about how value is determined in those negotiations.

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Cantlon: Socialism? Whhaaat?

There’s a lot of talk about socialism and questioning of capitalism, and it’s almost all wrong.

Cantlon: Impeachment is done for us

Democrats are hemming and hawing about whether to start impeachment of the president, but they’re missing the point.

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Cantlon: We must be able to treat each other with civility

We are watching our ability to be civilized getting hollowed out before our eyes. It is amazing how fragile it is.

Cantlon: Trump and the Dells, expected results

On Trump: Two years ago I wrote to friends to expect a legally inconclusive result from the Mueller report because of course there is no document of Trump explicitly promising Russia something for their help.

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