Originally published Tuesday, August 13, 2019 at 09:37p.m.

The Chino Valley Planning & Zoning Commission at its meeting Tuesday, Aug. 6, forwarded the preliminary plat for the planned Heritage Point subdivision to the Chino Valley Town Council.

Located one-quarter mile west of the southwest corner of North Road 1 West and West Road 4 North, the plat subdivides about 89.9 acres into 75 one-acre lots to be developed in four phases. It’s surrounded by other subdivisions, Town Planner Alex Lerma said.

“To the east you have both Appaloosa Meadows phase one and phase two, farther east, toward the highway, you have Cox’s Nursery,” Lerma said. “To the south of the subject property, you have Chino Lakes unit two and also to the west you have Chino Lakes. To the north you have the Windmill House, up northwest you have Grassland Subdivision. Farther west you have Shadow Meadows unit one.”

The question of animals was brought up and applicant Craig Helsing said the intent will be to restrict the property to normal domestic pet use.

As part of the homeowners association, horses or other domestic farm animals are not going to be allowed in order to keep it simple, Helsing said.

The point of contention, Chino Valley Planning & Zoning Commission Chairman Chuck Merritt said, was that even though no horses or domestic farm animals would be allowed in this subdivision, there are neighbors living around it who do have animals of that nature.

“We don’t want those folks to be impeded in any fashion,” Merritt said. “Since they’re in the zoning district that allows it, we’re OK.”

The commission unanimously forwarded the preliminary plat with the conditions that it be modified to show the right-of-way dedication of 50 feet from the center line on West Road 4 North; that property line corners need to be rounded within a 35-foot radius on minor arterials and within a 25 foot radius on local streets; that storm runoff data for 10-year and 50-year storms needs to be added for tributary channels entering and exiting the site as well as for 100-year storms for channels exiting the site; and that the typical building setbacks of a corner lot shall be added.