Originally published Wednesday, October 10, 2018 at 08:28p.m.

Along with celebrating 50 years of educating, training and enriching the lives of more than 100,000 people, Yavapai College is celebrating another significant milestone: the 100th recipient of a unique scholarship program for aspiring nurses and radiology technologists.

It only took the Community Healthcare Scholars Program six years to achieve its feat of helping 100 men and women achieve their career dreams by providing a two-year scholarship that covers their full tuition and fees.

The milestone was acknowledged during an Aug. 29 reception honoring the 12 latest recipients of the program, which grants scholarships for exemplary Yavapai College students who commit to pursuing their healthcare careers in Northern Arizona communities.

The Community Healthcare Scholars Program is made possible by the generous donations of the following partners: The Yavapai College Foundation, the Jewish Community Foundation of Greater Prescott, the Margaret T. Morris Foundation, Yavapai Regional Medical Center, the Harold James Family Trust and Prescott Radiology Group.

The program, initiated in 2012 by the Jewish Community Foundation, has been “incredibly successful,” YC Foundation Executive Director Paul Kirchgraber said, citing the high percentage of scholarship recipients who complete their degree requirements and of those, the 100-percent pass rate on state-licensing exams.

Addressing the latest scholarship recipients, Jewish Community Foundation president Dr. David Hess said today’s students wouldn’t recognize many of the resources and tools he used in medical school decades ago. “However, some things never change. One of those things is getting the money together to go to school,” he said.

Another constant in the healthcare field, said YRMC Chief of Nursing Diane Drexler, “is the impact we have on patients. That’s our secret weapon.”

As tradition dictates, Hess, and Dr. Matthew Dicker of the Prescott Radiology Group presented the latest scholarship recipients with stethoscopes and radiology markers engraved with their names. The gifts symbolize the community’s confidence in the selected students and may prove to be a source of inspiration and motivation, Hess said. “When you’re tired and hungry and you’re lacking sleep, touch that stethoscope or marker as a reminder that the people in this community care about you and are rooting for you.”

Fall 2018 Yavapai College Community Healthcare Scholars are:


Alejandra Betancourt

Ryder Collins

Hannah Haywood

Jordan Lewis

Joel Marsh

Madison Martell

Angela Mazon

Roberta McLain

Tayler Rezzonico

Melanie Tortorello

Radiology Technology:

Jovan Alaniz

Elizabeth Blake