Originally published Saturday, July 7, 2018 at 06:30a.m.

PHOENIX (AP) — A suspect trying to outrun police on a Phoenix freeway will recover after jumping from an overpass.

Phoenix police Sgt. Tommy Thompson says the incident occurred Friday morning after reports came in about a man with a knife hurling rocks at cars.

Officers confronted the suspect, who started running across traffic lanes on southbound I-17 at Seventh Avenue and jumped onto someone's vehicle.

Camera footage posted by KTVK-TV/KPHO-TV shows a man perched on the roof of a car surrounded by two officers.

The man then jumps off the vehicle and runs to the edge of the overpass and flips over a guardrail, falling below.

In another video, he is sprawled on his back on the street below but is able to move his head.

Police say the man's injuries are not life-threatening.

His name has not been released.