Durst: After-Christmas gift wish list

It’s way past time to congratulate the baby Jesus on the anniversary of his birth.

Durst: Oval Office apprentice

President Donald Trump has failed at many endeavors: casinos, airlines, universities, steaks, wine, vodka, board games, two marriages, armed forces physicals, White House Communications Department staffing, convincing foreign countries to build boundary structures.

Durst: Trump’s hair - an analysis

Many readers have protested this column’s tiresome history of taking cheap shots at the expense of our 45th President.

Durst: A few choice words about Mueller’s investigation

We now offer up a few choice words concerning the continuing investigation being conducted by Special Counsel Robert Mueller, and those words are: Happy Birthday, baby!

Durst: Many more questions for president

Robert Mueller has many questions for the president.

Durst: Trump followers loyal regardless of circumstances

The followers of Donald Trump are many things.

Durst: March Madness in the White House

And once again the crowd goes wild with a bad case of March Madness.

Durst column: Ways Democrats could screw up midterms

Do not be deceived into thinking that reclaiming the U.S. House of Representatives in November is a fast- break, slam-dunk because if anybody could blow a lead this late in the game, it’s you, Democrats.

Durst column: The cafeteria lady is packing heat

President Donald Trump tossed out some wacky nonsense about arming teachers, which encouraged the press and public to go nuts debating this ludicrous suggestion, totally ignoring commonsense remedies like banning civilians from purchasing weapons whose sole function is to kill the most people in the shortest time possible.

Durst column: Republican cherry picking

We all know what “cherry picking” is — sifting through available evidence to pluck out the bits and pieces that support one particular narrative while ignoring everything that reinforces the contrary.

Durst column: Reign of error has been bumpy

These last 12 months have slogged by like cold molasses, riddled with bat guano and dripping through a tightly woven bamboo sieve.

Durst column: Donald Trump stars as Robbing Hood

They’re partying at the Cracker Barrel. Wings are flying out of Hooters.

Durst column: What Trump says, what Trump means

Most presidents try to avoid controversy by painstakingly parsing their words like a fifth-grader conserving an allowance at the county fair.

Durst column: Thermonuclear Chicken

Time to dig a bomb shelter. Stockpile some Kool- Aid. Nibble some Tootsie Rolls while catching a double feature at the drive-in.

Durst column: Fake sons

And now, a few choice words about Donald Trump… Junior.

Column: Eating crow now that America is great again

Last November, you real and true Americans chose a New York City real estate developer as our 45th President because ...

Column: Readers say I should be nicer to Trump

I need to stop and thank all the nice folk who’ve been kind enough to take time from their busy schedules to provide this column with some constructive criticism.