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Purcell: Unleashing entrepreneurs good for us all

Here’s some great news: The American entrepreneur is flourishing again. From 1980 until 2017, “the number of new startups formed each year ... plummeted by half - from almost 15% of all business 35 years ago to barely 8%,” according to Forbes contributor David Pridham.

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Purcell: Social Media? More like antisocial media

“I can’t take it anymore! My social media friends are driving me batty!” “Ah, yes, you speak of a recent Pew Research Center survey that found ‘46% of adult social media users say they feel ‘worn out by political posts and discussions they see on social media’ — a share that ‘has risen 9 percentage points since the summer of 2016, when the Center last asked this question.’”

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Purcell: Little Sisters home an oasis of joy, peace, calm in troubled world

Twelve years ago, when I first visited the Little Sisters of the Poor (LSP) retirement home in Pittsburgh, I was overcome with peace and calm.

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Purcell: Elderly beware, scams on the rise

A phone scammer made a mistake when he called my mother. The young male caller pretended to be her grandson. He said he’d been arrested for fishing on an Indian reservation - unaware he was breaking the law - and needed bail money so a judge wouldn’t throw him in jail.

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Purcell: Our childish politicians need kindergarten lessons

We could use a hearty dose of Robert Fulghum wisdom about now. Our political discourse is at a fever pitch. Our allegedly esteemed elected leaders are carrying on like unruly children – shouting and pouting and becoming increasingly strident with their political opponents.

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Purcell: It's a computer bag, not a man purse

Despite the accusations, I deny that I carry a man purse. According to the New York Post, the man purse, or “murse,” is the “new must-have accessory taking over designers’ spring 2020 men’s runways.”

Purcell: Humor the cure for what ails America

It’s never too late for a good belly laugh.

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Purcell: Buy a home! You’ll benefit, but be miserable

Why do I want more Americans to buy homes? Because misery loves company.

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Purcell: Alleged would-be ISIS bomber could have lived American dream

Here’s the worst part: He had every opportunity to choose life.

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Purcell: National debt is out of control, nobody seems to care

Breaking news: Federal spending is out of control.

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