Tom Cantlon is a local columnists for The Daily Courier in Prescott, Arizona.

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Tom Cantlon: A positive note about some dedicated people

Want to read something positive? There’s a quote I’ll share with you but let me mention where it comes from.

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Cantlon: Out-of-control banks at center of 2008 crash

Would you like a very simple, clear explanation of what led to the financial crash of 2008? I have one I can link you to.

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Cantlon: How to improve the city’s hotel deal process

The new hotel deal the city just made (see the Aug. 24 paper) has some good points but had some bad process. Here are some suggestions for improving it.

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Cantlon: Nuns are back on bus tour, this time targeting tax cuts

The Nuns on the Bus are doing a tour to raise awareness about the negative effects of the 2017 tax cut, which mostly benefited corporations and the top (wealthy), and the efforts to undo access to health care.

Cantlon: What does the heat have you thinking about?

As hot as it’s been around here lately it got me to thinking about climate change. That and a host of recent news pieces.

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Cantlon: News that indicates more than it appears

Here are a handful of notable news pieces that might indicate more than they look like on the surface, which I’ll expound on below.

Cantlon: A balanced solution to asylum, and we get played again

There’s an article on immigration that is informative and gives solid steps that could improve things in a balanced way.

Cantlon: Walking with the grieving


In Yarnell, the tips of the flames contain whatever the fire relentlessly declares is done.

Cantlon: Here’s how much things are set against you

That financial and legal systems mostly favor the top, even to the point of ignoring harm to the rest, is such a given that it isn’t even hidden.

Cantlon: Monopolies and your home becoming a closed system

Life is becoming one big set of monopolies and near-monopolies: Facebook, Twitter, Google, whichever phone service covers your area best, single-source pharmaceuticals, Amazon.

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