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Funt: Brian Williams earns his way back

Television’s most elegant and articulate anchor, who shepherds what is arguably the nation’s most informative nightly news program, continues to toil in relative obscurity.

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Funt: Democrats have much to debate

Democrats are moving quickly to address problems faced by both parties in the last presidential campaign concerning early-stage debates.

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Funt: Politicians are running for TV jobs

The snide old saw in college used to be: If you can’t make it in business, teach it. In media today, it’s become: If you can’t make it in politics, preach it.

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Funt: Amy Klobuchar for America

There are many metrics for what makes a good president, but being able to deliver a speech in falling snow and mid-teen temperatures without hat or gloves for nearly a half hour isn’t one of them.

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Funt: Corporate players love the name game

Owners of the Giants baseball team have never struck me as stupid — greedy, perhaps, since they shamelessly sell a bottle of Bud for eight times what it’s worth, but not stupid.

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Funt: No Oscar host? No problem!

It seems this year’s Academy Awards will be conducted using a no-host format, now that Kevin Hart and his dossier of homophobic wisecracks have been officially ruled out.

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Funt: Binging makes an unhealthy TV diet

In 2019 I resolve to cut back on bingeing. Not at the dinner table — although that would be wise — but at the TV.

Funt: 2019 Precap

Wondering if things will change for the better in the New Year? Here’s a handy clip ‘n’ save Precap of news certain to occur during 2019.

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Funt: Give Trump credit when due

Stuck in a hotel room watching CNN the other day, I happened to catch live coverage of Donald Trump’s short speech about the “First Step Act,” concerning criminal justice reforms.

Funt: Onward to 2020

If you thought the midterms were bad - marked by Trump’s frequent falsehoods, cockamamie claims and rampant racism - you ain’t seen nothing yet. It’s 2020 time.

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