Nigel Reynolds is a Courier columnist writing about Amazing Places.

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Amazing Places: Exploring the Grand Canyon

The Amazing Place for this fortnight is one that everyone has heard of — the GRAND CANYON.

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Amazing Places: Spirit Hunter Petroglyphs; what do the circles mean?

Today’s article is about the Spirit Hunter Petroglyphs, but it will be a meandering journey before we get there. Two weeks ago, I spent a weekend volunteering at Montezuma Well, as I had done in 2017 and 2018.

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Amazing Places: Lady Bugs

This week my Amazing Place is actually an Amazing Insect, the second insect I’ve written about (the first was the bagworm on April 1, 2018).

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Amazing Places: Sycamore Falls

With all the rain and snow we’ve had recently, many of the area waterfalls are flowing heavily and well worth a visit, but don’t wait.

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Amazing Places: Copper Falls hike

Today we’ll take a hike, the Copper Falls hike.

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Reynolds: Open space at the center of AED-Dells debate

Talk of the Town

The Daily Courier’s article (Feb. 15) on the Dells and annexation plans by Arizona Eco Development (AED) raised several interesting issues.

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Amazing Places: Giant Cottonwood worth a visit

Unlike a fortnight ago, today’s Amazing Place is easy for everyone to get to.

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Amazing Places: Exploring Bradshaw Grave

Today’s article is about the grave of Isaac Bradshaw. Some of you may have heard about this grave, and a few may have visited it.

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Amazing places: Willie Drannan inscription

I’m not going to tell you how to find this week’s Amazing Place, even though it’s not far from Prescott.

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Amazing Places: Roadside icicles

My last article was about an Amazing Road, here in Prescott.

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