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Amazing Places: Copper Falls hike

Today we’ll take a hike, the Copper Falls hike.

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Reynolds: Open space at the center of AED-Dells debate

Talk of the Town

The Daily Courier’s article (Feb. 15) on the Dells and annexation plans by Arizona Eco Development (AED) raised several interesting issues.

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Amazing Places: Giant Cottonwood worth a visit

Unlike a fortnight ago, today’s Amazing Place is easy for everyone to get to.

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Amazing Places: Exploring Bradshaw Grave

Today’s article is about the grave of Isaac Bradshaw. Some of you may have heard about this grave, and a few may have visited it.

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Amazing places: Willie Drannan inscription

I’m not going to tell you how to find this week’s Amazing Place, even though it’s not far from Prescott.

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Amazing Places: Roadside icicles

My last article was about an Amazing Road, here in Prescott.

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Amazing Places: Old Bullwhacker Hill Road ... is still here

Today, we’ll stay close to home, in the City of Prescott. It’s not an Amazing Place, but an Amazing Road — the Old Bullwhacker Hill Road.

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Amazing Places: Survey results - Are you an armchair traveler?

My thanks to all of you who answered the survey this past week. I’ll give you the results, but first I encourage those of you who didn’t answer to send an email telling me that you usually read my column.

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Amazing Places: What was your favorite? Answer Nigel’s survey

After looking today’s photo, you may be saying to yourself “that looks familiar, why is it being published again?” Well, it was intended to catch your eye and give me a chance to talk about the survey that I mentioned at the end of my last article – more on the photo below.

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Amazing Places: Let’s explore Ehrenberg Road

This is my first article about the two freight wagon roads, built 150 years ago, to supply goods and food to Prescott — for civilians and the military.

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