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Saturday ‘Pizza Palooza’ is a fun, festive fundraising feast for Meals on Wheels

The first-ever "Pizza Palooza" from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. Saturday, Oct. 21, in downtown Prescott, aims to raise money for Prescott Meals on Wheels.

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School officials: State forces them to compete for few funds

Welcome to Arizona's 'Hunger Games'

The fight for equitable public education funding in Arizona has devolved into more than two decades of what leaders and advocates suggest is a bizarre rendition of “The Hunger Games.”

Crisis plan for comfort, compassion key

Schools need to prepare before there is a need

The time to think about a plan to deal with a crisis of any kind, or in the aftermath of a tragedy, is not in the midst of the event or when something has happened and no one knows who to call or how to cope.

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PHS senior remains focused on his future

Bradley Stalnaker is also independent and takes nothing for granted

Two months into his senior year, Prescott High Class of 2018 member Bradley Stalnaker is clear-eyed about what he needs to do to move forward with his plans after graduation.

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Local business woman opts for integrative medicine to deal with breast cancer

In the Pink: Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Lisa Ross-Williams and her husband, Kenny, are nature-connected entrepreneurs who have long embraced a ranch lifestyle complete with a full corral of five horses, two goats, two dogs and eight cats.

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A disease ‘from the neck up’

Breast surgeon finds it a privilege to help women move from fear to living a long, happy life

As a surgeon whose specialty is with breast cancer patients, Dr. Michael Macon not only has impeccable medical credentials but he has a keen sense of the impact such a diagnosis makes on a person’s psyche.

Support can play role in healing whether online or through local groups

A diagnosis of breast cancer, even in the earliest stages, is never welcome.

Genetic testing can define risk

But it does not mean a patient will contract breast cancer

Ninety percent of breast cancer patients have no genetic components to their cancer, said YRMC BreastCare Center clinical navigator Julie Bender.

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Keeping the old while embracing the new at Washington School

Amid the cacophony of construction at the Washington School are the echoes of generations of Prescott children who once transcribed fractions with chalk on a blackboard.

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Did your school make the grade? Arizona school letter grades released

Don’t judge achievement, experience on one score, education advocates say

State and local public education advocates and leaders hope Arizona’s latest A-F grade system does not lead school staff and parents to judge student achievement and educational experience on one score.

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