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Fiction becomes reality with the selling of Hannah’s Hearts

CCJ to sell hand-crafted gifts to raise funds for the charity

Open the cover of Diane Iverson’s 21st illustrated story, “Hannah’s Heart,” and you are traveling back in time to Prescott’s Christmas City, circa 1935.

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Education advocates create “Progress Meter”

Arizona is known as a state with plenty of hurdles when it comes to prioritizing public education, with teacher pay and per pupil spending deemed to be close to the lowest in the nation.

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After busy life, it’s time to help others

International financier spends retirement helping nonprofit

In his career as an international financier and business executive, Bill Towne spent a lot of time flying from place to place with limited flexibility to give back to the communities where his family resided.

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Intrigue behind the faces of Hotel St. Michael

No one knows who they were, but some suspect it was political revenge

Just below the front and side roof lines of the historic, dark brick Hotel St. Michael is a row of ornamental stone circles some historians and long-time residents suggest is sculptured satire.

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Holiday giving a blessing as much to the givers as the receivers

The Giving Season

Taylor Hicks Elementary School has its very own Elf: Her name is Carla Cornelison.

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Pearl Harbor Attack Remembered

At 7:55 a.m. Dec. 7, 1941, the United States was thrust into war against Japan with the bombing of Pearl Harbor in Hawaii.

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PUSD mentoring deemed ‘visionary’

New program pairs retired teachers with young ones

Beyond pay, many teachers’ motivation for why they either stay or leave a school district has to do with the in and out-of-classroom supports they garner to help them succeed with students, according to local administrators.

10 PUSD faculty, staff to be honored Tuesday for ‘Going the Extra Mile’

In the Prescott Unified School District, there are some 600 hundred faculty and staff who each and every day pledge to make a difference in the lives of about 4,000 of this community’s children. They do so not for the paycheck, but for the reward of inspiring children to find their passion and a path to pursue beyond high school graduation, according to district leaders and volunteers.

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Nonagenarian still making a difference for others

Phyllis Sager’s claim to fame is her habitual kindness and generosity.

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Residents dismayed by drug cases get involved

Recent case of suspect sent home after arrested for producing drugs motivated one woman

A retired educator from southern California expressed disgust and dismay that a 28-year-old arrested for operating a drug lab in his Prescott home was not required to stay in jail until his case went to court.

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