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Minor leaguers greenlighted to sue teams for not abiding minimum wage law


A federal appeals court has given a key victory to players on minor league teams the right to sue to be paid the minimum wage while they’re in spring training in Arizona.

Arizona in top 5 in nation for jobs growth rate

Continued talk of a trade war hasn’t dampened the state’s job growth — at least not yet.

Chief Justices: DOC remains ‘surprisingly uninformed’ on nonfunctioning cell locks

The head of the Department of Corrections remained “surprisingly uninformed’’ about nonfunctioning locks at one of the state’s largest prisons and the resultant security risks and assaults on guards, according to a new report issued today.

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Gov. Ducey: ‘We need a balanced approach’ to new immigration policy

Gov. Doug Ducey took a slap Tuesday at the new Trump administration policy that seeks to deny “green cards’’ to those at the bottom of the economic ladder.

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Off-track betting lawsuit targets new state law

Monarch calls it unconstitutional; if successful, ‘problematic’ for Arizona Downs

The owners of off-track betting signals from several out-of-state tracks are asking a federal judge to void a new law which would require them to sell their services to all Arizona tracks, whether they want to or not.

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Recreational marijuana effort would not limit edible doses, despite backers’ claims

PHOENIX — A claim by organizers of an initiative to legalize recreational marijuana for adults that it would limit the dosage of THC in edible products is false.

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Supreme Court: Arizona man can’t be retried for 1st degree murder

Prosecutors aren’t entitled to retry a man on charges of first-degree murder after being unable to convince a jury the first time that the facts matched the charges, the Arizona Supreme Court ruled Friday.

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Legalized pot movement takes 1st steps toward 2020 ballot

Initiative requires marijuana buyers be 21; measure would impose 16% tax

Backers of legal recreational marijuana took the first steps Friday to putting the issue on the 2020 ballot.

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9th Circuit to review McSally’s appointment to US Senate

Federal appellate judges have agreed to decide whether Martha McSally can continue to serve as a U.S. senator at least through the 2020 election.

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Lawmaker pushes for prison reform after costing Arizona $1.2B per year

Saying the current system is unsustainable, a first-term lawmaker took the initial steps Monday to what he hopes will be reforming the state prison system.

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Federal appeals court to hear Sarah Palin case against New York Times

A federal appeals court will let former vice presidential contender Sarah Palin sue the New York Times for an editorial that suggested that a graphic put out by her political action committee led to the 2011 attack on congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords.

Survey: Majority of Arizona voters would approve sales tax hike for education

A new statewide survey shows that a majority of voters are willing to hike sales taxes for education — but not by as much as some are seeking.

Judge rejects claims that ‘dark money’ laws are confusing

A judge won’t let the state enforce a law opening the door for more “dark money’’ in campaigns while it appeals his ruling that the statute is unconstitutional.

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Special session on gun control unlikely for Arizona Legislature

Top Dem in state House calls for action; other lawmakers want plan first

With two mass shootings fresh on people’s minds, the top Democrat in the Arizona state House wants a special session to debate

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Gov. Ducey renewing bid on allowing judges to issue ‘Severe Threat Order,’ remove guns

Calling it the best way to prevent mass shootings, Gov. Doug Ducey is renewing his bid to allow judges to take away guns of people believed to be a danger to themselves or others and have them held for mental examination.

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Ex-lawmaker Shooter undergoes serious surgery

Former state lawmaker Don Shooter survived a pair of crucial surgeries Wednesday and Thursday as doctors sought to save his life, according to lobbyist and family friend Gretchen Jacobs.

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Arizona AG opinion cuts education funding for some incarcerated students

A new opinion from Attorney General Mark Brnovich is leaving dozens of young adults who are locked up in Pima County jail without the funding to help them complete a high school diploma.

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Brnovich: Family ‘looting’ opioid maker ahead of possible lawsuit judgments

Arizona AG wants U.S. Supreme Court to protect funds for possible future lawsuit payouts

Attorney General Mark Brnovich is asking the U.S. Supreme Court to stop the family that owns a major opioid manufacturer from “looting” company assets.

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Gov. Ducey defends role in pulling Nike incentive

Gov. Doug Ducey denied Tuesday that he unilaterally ordered the Commerce Authority to rescind a $1 million incentive that

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Judge dismisses bid to block expanded coal mining on Navajo Reservation

PHOENIX -- A federal appeals court has thrown out a bid by environmental groups to challenge expanded coal mining on the Navajo Reservation that powers the Four Corners Power Plant.

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Utility regulators to hear from APS chief executive

State utility regulators are going to get to actually see and hear from Don Brandt. But it remains unclear when the chief executive of Arizona Public Service actually will show up.

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State court rules police can’t investigate someone online without a warrant

PHOENIX — Arizonans have a constitutional right to online privacy to keep police from snooping around to find out who they are without first getting a warrant, the state Court of Appeals has ruled.

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Arizona attorney general ready to resume executions

Brnovich offers to help get new supply of drugs for state

Attorney General Mark Brnovich is offering to help the state get a new supply of chemicals to execute those on death row.

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7 make final cut for Supreme Court; list goes to governor

A revamped Commission on Appellate Court Appointments agreed late Friday to nominate Republican Maricopa County Attorney Bill Montgomery for the soon-to-be-open seat on the Arizona Supreme Court.

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Former state Supreme Court justice James Moeller dies

James Moeller, the author of a number of precedent-setting decisions of the Arizona Supreme Court, has died.

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Supporters want Montgomery on nominee list for Supreme Court

Their candidate squeezed out of the last screening, allies of Maricopa County Attorney Bill Montgomery are lining up to urge that he be nominated for the Arizona Supreme Court.

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Marijuana money poses problems for Arizona dispensaries

‘Digital payment club’ allowed since dispensaries cannot use banks

The state’s top prosecutor has approved an experimental program designed to get marijuana dispensaries out of the business of having to pay their bills with suitcases and sacks full of cash.

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Arizona working to bring more foreign tourists to state

Wondering where all those tourists wandering around Arizona are coming from? Increasingly, Australia.

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Lawmakers eye OK for marijuana, to avoid initiative; County Attorney Polk opposes both, saying no legalization model works

Attorney General Mark Brnovich wants state lawmakers to debate and enact a recreational marijuana program rather than risk an industry-crafted measure from becoming the law of the land at the ballot box.

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Corporation Commissioners demand answers from APS

State utility regulators ratcheted up their demand for answers from the head of Arizona Public Service late Friday, with the list of the first 67 questions.

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Environmental groups may sue Forest Service over cattle near streams

PHOENIX — An environmental group took the first steps Wednesday to filing suit against the U.S. Forest Service for failing to live up to its promise to keep cattle away from streams in eastern Arizona.

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Environmental groups try to derail oil and gas exploration plan

Environmental groups are trying to halt a plan by the Bureau of Land Management to lease out more than 4,000 acres of land near the Petrified Forest National Park for oil and gas exploration.

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Phoenix track now says it won’t challenge law, but signal provider unmoved

The owners of Turf Paradise won’t challenge a new law that is designed to provide some financial help for Arizona Downs.

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Arizona Supreme Court allows do-over in deportation case

A defendant who got bad legal advice in a criminal case that resulted in his deportation is entitled to a do-over in that case, the Arizona Supreme Court ruled.

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Jury awards former state Senate staffer $1M in discrimination lawsuit

A federal court jury has awarded a former state senate staffer $1 million after concluding she was the victim of racial and sex discrimination.

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Lawsuit takes aim at statute that can quash initiative petition

A new lawsuit seeks to strike down a statute that can invalidate otherwise legitimate and qualified signatures on an initiative petition.

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State utility regulators approve new code of ethics

State utility regulators unanimously approved a new code of ethics late Wednesday, including new limits on how much anyone with business before them can donate to candidates for the Arizona Corporation Commission.

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Plan for new Nike plant in Arizona goes forward

Arizona is landing a new Nike plant despite what a week ago appeared to be efforts by Gov. Doug Ducey to blow up the plan.

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APS rate hike stands for now despite customer's complaints

Corporation commission blocks call to reject increase

State utility commissioners late Wednesday rejected a last-ditch plea by an Arizona Public Service customer to undo the rate hike they approved for the state’s largest electric company in 2017.

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ADOT officials say driver’s license photos not being shared with federal agencies

Arizona transportation officials say they are not sharing your driver’s license photo with federal agencies, a practice that apparently is occurring in other states.

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Company moving toward push for 2020 marijuana initiative in Arizona

Firm adds dispensary with eye on upcoming election

A company that hopes to be the largest marijuana operation in Arizona, if not the nation, is expanding its holdings ahead of what is likely to be an expensive ballot fight to legalize the drug for recreational purposes.

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State can’t pass costs of desegregation onto school patrons, judge says

A judge has slapped down a plan by Gov. Doug Ducey to balance last year’s budget and pay for his teacher pay raises by hitting up Tucson-area residents for more taxes.

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Ducey won’t dump his Nike gear despite flap over July 4 shoes

Don’t look for Gov. Doug Ducey to trash all his Nike wear in the wake of his blistering criticism of the company.

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APS admits paying claims in two other deaths

Utility settled out of court with survivors of women in both cases

The state’s largest electric utility has acknowledged that it settled claims with the survivors of two other customers who were found dead in their homes, not counting last year’s death of a 72-year-old Sun City West resident.

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Survey: Arizona Republicans back Ducey’s action against Nike

Gov. Doug Ducey appears to have made the right political decision in his slap at Nike and yanking a proffered $1 million subsidy to locate a new factory here — at least among members of his own party.

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State utility regulator wants investigation into heat-related death of APS customer

The newest state utility regulator wants an outside investigation of the heat-related death of an Arizona Public Service customer and the policies of the Arizona Corporation Commission and the actions of its staff that may have contributed to that.

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Judge tosses state AG challenge into university leases on land

A state judge on Tuesday threw out much of the challenge by Attorney General Mark Brnovich to the power of state universities to lease out the land they own for private, for-profit operations.

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Ducey blocks $1M economic grant to Nike

Move comes after company pulls shoes bearing ‘Betsy Ross’ flag when Colin Kaepernick speaks out

A flap about the meanings of a historic U.S. flag has led Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey to block a $1 million economic development grant to Nike, accusing the company of bowing to “the current onslaught of political correctness and historical revisionism."

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Increased marijuana inspections anticipated once new law kicks in

State health official says new law eventually will help

The state’s top health official says a new state law on marijuana testing may help fill in the gaps of protecting patients left by her agency’s inability to make spot checks on kitchens preparing edible forms of the drug.

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Sonora governor: Tariff threats could harm economies

Sonora Gov. Claudia Pavlovich warned Friday that the talk about tariffs and border closures coming from Washington is endangering the economy of both her state and Arizona.