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Measure would give voters another chance to decide on lieutenant governor position

PHOENIX — Arizona voters could get yet another chance to create a new position of lieutenant governor.

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House Speaker forges ahead with drought contingency plan

House Speaker Rusty Bowers is blowing off a threat by the Gila River Indian Community to pull out of the drought contingency plan — and deny the state its water — if he pursues his own legislation on forfeiture of water rights.

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Gila River tribe still mulling drought agreement

A major player in the drought contingency plan on Thursday yanked its scheduled ratification of its part of the deal, potentially upending any chance of the state meeting the March 4 deadline set by the Bureau of Reclamation.

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Senate bill would place new hurdles in front of citizen initiatives

Republican lawmakers and their business allies are moving once again to put new hurdles in the path of citizen groups that want to propose their own laws.

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Lawmaker wants to know what cellphones are collecting and when

Rep. Kelly Townsend says she knows her phone is watching and listening to her, even when she is not talking on it.

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Former astronaut Mark Kelly makes bid for John McCain’s seat

PHOENIX — Former astronaut Mark Kelly waded into the political arena Tuesday, making a bid for U.S. Senate and hoping to prove to Arizonans he about more than just gun control.

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House panel votes to pay Arizona part-time workers less than minimum wage

Bill aimed to hire more youth; some employers could pay federal minimum $7.25

Insisting it will be good for young people, a House panel voted Monday to let employers pay students who are part-time workers just two-thirds as much as they do anyone else.

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Senate votes 24-6 to repeal $32 vehicle registration fee

PHOENIX — State lawmakers are picking another fight with Gov. Doug Ducey over taxes and fees.

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Appeals court rejects Arizona law limiting minimum wage, benefits

PHOENIX — The state Court of Appeals has slapped down efforts by Republican lawmakers to block local governments from mandating that private employers provide workers with even more fringe benefits than required by state law.

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Former AG to avoid Democratic race to face McSally

Woods cites expensive campaign as 2020 roadblock; says he will still work to aid party

The 2020 Senate race claimed its first victim as former Attorney General Grant Woods gave up his plans to run — as a Democrat.

Still no deal, state considers giving extension to June 15 for AZ tax returns

With a stalemate at the Capitol over changes in income tax laws, the head of the Senate Finance Committee wants to give Arizonans more time to file their returns.

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Lawmaker launching new bid targeting businesses supporting Israel boycott

Slapped down by a federal judge, a supporter of Israel is making a new bid to keep those who boycott the country and firms that do business there from getting government contracts.

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Senate Judiciary Committee votes 4-3 to remove ban on nunchucks in Arizona

Good news for Arizonans who fashion themselves as the next Bruce Lee.

Charitable giving in crosshairs at Capitol

Lawmakers advance bill on party-line vote to help donations

Hoping to help charities fearing changes in federal tax laws, a House panel voted this week to let Arizona residents take both the standard deduction on state tax forms and also write off their charitable giving.

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Proposal would ask voters to increase Arizona cigarette tax by $1.50 per pack

PHOENIX — With tobacco use on the rise, a state lawmaker and the American Cancer Society want to ask voters to sharply increase the taxes paid by smokers on the cigarettes and similar products they buy.

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Senate bill would end practice of dropping off early ballots on Election Day

PHOENIX — Republican senators voted Wednesday to block those who get early ballots from simply dropping them off on Election Day.

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Gov. Ducey: No plans to counter offer after vetoed income tax cut

Gov. Doug Ducey is waiting for Republican lawmakers to blink in his bid to collect more taxes from Arizona residents.

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Lawmakers want to give sex abuse victims more time for lawsuit

State lawmakers want to give child sex abuse victims more time to sue their assailants, saying they need more time to process and understand what happened to them.

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Cave Creek Democrat pushing to recall Rep. David Stringer

Hanlon: We believe Stringer has ‘proven himself unfit’ to serve state legislature

A Cave Creek Democrat has taken the first legal steps that could lead to a recall of David Stringer.

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Schools chief: We need to ‘create inclusive environment’ for all children, including LGBTQ community

PHOENIX — The state’s new schools chief is calling on lawmakers to repeal a law that prohibits any courses on AIDS and HIV from portraying homosexuality “as a positive alternative lifestyle."

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Top priorities for schools chief Kathy Hoffman

PHOENIX — Other issues raised by state schools chief Kathy Hoffman in her Monday State of Education speech include:

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Arizona motorists may have to spend more for minimum coverage

PHOENIX — Arizona motorists who purchase just the bare minimum liability insurance now required could be forced to spend more — if Gov. Doug Ducey goes along.

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Arizona AG quietly drops lawsuit against backers of Prop 127

Attorney General Mark Brnovich is quietly dropping the defamation lawsuit he filed last fall against backers of the Proposition 127 campaign and the California billionaire who financed it.

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Governor vetoes tax conformity bill; taxpayers could pay $150M instead of tax cut

Gov. Doug Ducey vetoed a legislative plan Friday that would have cut individual income tax rates by $150 million to offset higher taxes Arizonans would have to pay the state due to changes in federal tax laws.

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Supreme Court cannot find Stringer's State Bar application form, several complaints against him remain

House Ethics Committee seeks public's help, input

PHOENIX – Embattled state Rep. David Stringer of Prescott may have one less issue to worry about.

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Governor inks drought plan

Gov. Doug Ducey signed a drought contingency plan Thursday afternoon, just six hours ahead of the deadline set by a key federal official for the state to act or face having their Colorado River water supply determined by her.

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Lawmakers defy Ducey, push drop in tax rate in federal conformity

Picking a fight with Gov. Doug Ducey, Republican lawmakers in the House and Senate voted Thursday, Jan. 31, to conform Arizona’s allowable income tax deductions to federal law and offsetting that with a drop in tax rates.

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State lawmakers set to vote on drought plan today

PHOENIX — State lawmakers are set to vote - and presumably give final approval - sometime today to a drought contingency plan designed to help deal with how Arizona deals with being able to draw less water from the Colorado River.

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Former state Rep. Don Shooter files lawsuit claiming conspiracy to silence him

Claiming his rights were violated, ousted state Rep. Don Shooter has filed suit demanding unspecified damages.

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AZ State Bar launching investigation to see if Rep. Stringer lied on law application

David Stringer’s legal problems multiplied Wednesday as the State Bar of Arizona launched an investigation to determine if he lied on his application to practice law here.

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Lawmaker: Baseball shouldn't have to worry about paying players OT in minor leagues


PHOENIX -- A key House Republican is proposing to let baseball teams work their minor league players as much as they want without having to worry about overtime - or, in some cases, paying them at all.

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Prescott lawmaker pushing plan to hike Arizona gas tax

Saying Arizona roads are crumbling due to neglect, a Prescott lawmaker is pushing a plan to eventually more than double the state’s 18-cent-a-gallon gasoline tax.

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Lawmakers vote to cut income tax rates; may cost state $150M

PHOENIX — Defying both Democrats and their own Republican governor, GOP lawmakers voted Monday to cut income tax rates across the board to prevent what they believe would be a “windfall’’ to the state on the backs of Arizona residents.

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Arizona House sidelines bid to oust Rep. David Stringer, calls for recess

PHOENIX — House Republicans sidelined a bid Monday to oust Rep. David Stringer, preferring instead to give the Prescott Republican a chance to explain his 1980s arrest and comments about race and immigration to the House Ethics Committee.

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State Senate bill would offer more vaccine information to parents

PHOENIX — Would you agree to immunize your child if you knew the vaccine had aluminum phosphate, bovine serum or formaldehyde?

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Lawmaker proposes extending medical marijuana card certification to 2 years

PHOENIX — A Lake Havasu Republican lawmaker wants to reduce the financial burden on medical marijuana patients.

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Rep. Stringer responds to 1983 accusations of sex-related crimes and child porn

'I have never been convicted of a crime'

State Rep. David Stringer acknowledged Friday he had been arrested decades ago on multiple sex-related charges but insisted he has "no criminal record'' despite a plea deal.

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Texting while driving coming to an end — statewide?

The days of texting while driving or even chatting with a phone next to your ear may soon be at an end.

Licenses to be issued to deferred action recipients

After fighting the issue in court for years, Gov. Doug Ducey has finally agreed to issue driver’s licenses to all deferred action recipients.

Republican trio want to alter tax law so Arizonans don’t end up paying more

Defying their own governor, three Republican lawmakers want to alter tax law to ensure that Arizonans don’t end up paying more state income taxes because of changes in federal law.

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Hear: Rep. Stringer apologizes months after racial comments

Read what he said to House members

PHOENIX - A Prescott Republican lawmaker whose comments about race and immigration caused a stir last year publicly apologized Thursday on the House floor.

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Education committee approves sales tax hike to support public education

State lawmakers took the first steps Tuesday to asking voters if they want to pay even more in sales taxes to support public education.

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Attorney: Farmers ‘stealing water’ from Gila River tribe

The Gila River Indian Community is threatening to blow up the drought contingency plan because of efforts it says will undermine its claim to water rights.

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State Supreme Court continues to mull Phoenix’s discrimination ordinance

PHOENIX — The legal question of when businesses can refuse to provide services to same-sex couples could come down to how the Arizona Supreme Court defines what is “celebratory language."

Governor proposes increases for CPS, DPS, teachers

Flush with cash, Gov. Doug Ducey is proposing an $11.4 billion spending plan for the coming year.

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State Supreme Court to hear arguments over Phoenix anti-discrimination ordinance

The Arizona Supreme Court court is poised to decide exactly how far business owners can go in refusing to serve customers because of their sexual orientation.

Receive free health care? You may be required to work

About 126,000 Arizonans who get free health care will soon be required to work, if they can.

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Governor proposes budget increases

CPS, DPS and teachers among recipients

Flush with cash, Gov. Doug Ducey is proposing an $11.4 billion spending plan for the coming year.