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Moore: The Great Backyard Bird Count is this weekend

Last week, I wrote in my column that I hadn’t seen any hummers at the feeders yet.

Moore: Registration for spring birding festivals is now open

The title for my column last week was, “Are the hummers back?”  I received many comments on my column, including the following funny story from one of our customers on the very day my column was published in The Daily Courier.

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Moore: Are the hummers back?

Earlier this week I had an interesting email exchange with a customer that went like this:

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Moore: Adaptability of birds is impressive

Recently, one of our sons and his family moved to Mesa, so now we have an excuse to go down to the valley on a regular basis to spend time with some of our granddaughters.

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Moore: Winter birding has its challenges

I was in Atlanta last week attending the AmericasMart trade show.

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Moore: Mid-winter bald eagle survey results

This past Saturday, I was part of a team assigned to cover Goldwater Lake for the annual mid-winter bald eagle survey for the Prescott National Forest.

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Moore: Lawrence’s goldfinch sightings in the Prescott area

Over the past month or two, there have been several reports of Lawrence’s goldfinches in the Verde Valley and in the Prescott area.

Moore: Prescott Christmas bird count results

On Wednesday, December 19th, I participated in the Prescott Audubon Society Christmas Bird Count.

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Moore: Berry-eaters abound this winter

Last week’s column discussed the lack of seed-eating birds at backyard bird feeders.

Moore: Where are all the birds?

Rachel Carson’s landmark work ‘Silent Spring’ in 1962 brought to light the dramatic impact of pesticides on wild bird populations.

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