Courier columnist Dr. Rick Farnsworth is a dentist at Pro Solutions Dental Group in Prescott, Arizona.

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Increased need for root canals often comes with age

Why does it seem like I need more and more root canals as I get older?

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Farnsworth: Why should I use my dental benefit before the end of the year?

Many individuals pay dental insurance premiums monthly but forget to utilize their benefit or do not see the importance of regular visits to the dentist.

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Grinding teeth can cause ‘craze lines’ and more

I often have patients that visit the office with a concern about lines that they see in their teeth.

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Suffering with Dry Mouth?

Know the causes of Xerostomia and how it can affect your teeth.

Dry mouth affects 10 percent of all people, mostly women, the elderly and those taking prescription and non-prescription medications.

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Dental abscesses: What you need to know

Dental abscesses are a growing problem nationwide, resulting in tens of thousands of emergency department visits each year with many of those seeking help being admitted to the hospital for further treatment.

A new smile for a new year

4 benefits to straightening an adult’s crooked or crowded teeth

Have you noticed that your teeth are becoming crooked or crowded as you age?

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Lots to consider when choosing a dentist

Question: In general, my teeth seem fine so I only go to the dentist when I have a problem but I have concerns about my long-term oral health. How should I get started?

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7 reasons to use your dental benefits before 2017 ends

There’s still time to take advantage of your 2017 dental insurance benefits.

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Anesthetics’ side effects easily misinterpreted as allergy

Dear Dr. Farnsworth: After receiving a dental injection, my heart was racing. Do I have an allergy to dental anesthetics?

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Column: Denture wearers still need regular dental checkups

Dear Dr. Farnsworth, since I have dentures, why do I need to go to the dentist?

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