Chris Howard is a local USPTA Tennis Professional with over 45 years in the racquet and fitness industry. He can be reached at 928-642-6775 or

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Howard: A kind of weird week — now back to normal

My Point

Every now and then you are thrown an opportunity that you don’t see coming, and when Jack Smith, now former-county supervisor/district 5, stepped down from that position and someone who lived in that area would be appointed, I thought, “Why not me?”

Howard: A great Wimbledon final, but kind of sad too

Probably 90% of the people watching the men’s final of Wimbledon around the world were rooting for the great 37-year-old Roger Federer. The crowd at Wimbledon were definitely having a love fest for Roger, and No. 1 seed Novak Djkovic knew that would be the case.

Howard: Coco Gauff makes incredible Wimbledon run, despite loss

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Coco Gauff the fifteen year old tennis phenom, going into the 2nd week at Wimbledon, the fourth round to be exact, had the run most players only dream of.

Howard: The women greats of open tennis - now and in the past

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Women’s tennis on the WTA tour currently is open season. By that I mean there are about 10 good female players and a few dark horses that could jump in and win any of the grand slams, unlike men’s tennis where Djokavic, Nadal and Federer still have a firm grasp on most of the major titles on the ATP tour.

Howard: What a great time to be a tennis fan

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Being a student of the game of tennis, I’ve read about practically every tennis player in the history books since the humble beginnings of modern tennis started in 1874.

Howard: ‘Do not hit the net’ and many other catchy phrases

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Tennis is an athletic game taught and made up of many repeated sayings. Repeated because the same mistakes are frequently made and it seems saying it just once or twice to a student makes little headway.

Howard: Behind the Tennis Scenes - Making a Difference

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Tennis in Prescott would be stagnant if it weren’t for the likes of a few very important volunteers working with and some for the Prescott Area Tennis Association and some on their own.

Howard: How well do you know the rules?

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Here and there some of the rules of tennis and other oddities that infrequently come up when you’re on the court may throw you for a loop. Would you know what to do?

Howard: Is it time to build a recreational facility?

My Point

With the new technology within our grasp building or rebuilding a recreational facility can be done in a manner that makes so much more sense in regard to: longevity, safety, long term costs with less strain in upkeep, building costs, being user friendly, security and future add ons and/or change of use situations.

Howard: The changes in tennis - past, present, future?

My Point

What will the game of tennis be like in 20 years? I saw this question posed lately and it’s interesting how the evolution of a sport that is popular or becomes such unfolds.

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