Originally published Thursday, February 13, 2020 at 09:51p.m.


Responding to the letter by Nancy Scharff regarding the PV flag issue. Firstly, Nancy Scharff, is an active member of Prescott Indivisible, a socialist Democrat local chapter of National Indivisible, whose slogan on their social media page is “Persist and Resist.”

According to their page, she is ‘forming a Prescott Indivisible Letters to the Editor “team” as ‘an important part of changing the narrative in Arizona.’

Their goal is to ‘resist’ what has been created and accomplished in conservative Arizona to ‘change it’. One question to liberal, progressive, socialist Democrats is, ‘Why would you move to Arizona, to reap the benefits of freedom, law and order, lower taxes and a friendly community that was created for you by conservative Republicans and attempt to change it?” People are leaving Democrat-governed states for a reason.

Secondly, Ms. Scharff is opposed to the resident violating the existing Town Code 13-23-060. Please refer to 13-23-050: Exceptions in the Town Code that allow for the flying of the flags and insignias of any national, state or “other political unit.”

My final point is her claim that referring to someone as a “socialist democrat” is “name calling” and a “lack of civility.” The candidates for the Democratic nomination are proudly campaigning on socialist ideas, all freebies to the masses, higher taxes for everyone and infringement of our Constitutional rights. I am proud to accept the title of a Conservative Republican.

So if she or anyone in the Democrat party feels that the term “socialist democrat” is “name calling” then perhaps their embarrassment is appropriate and it’s time to “walk away.”

Michael Shafer

Prescott Valley