Originally published May 13, 2019 at 03:57p.m.

Updated May 15, 2019 at 09:03a.m.

The Town of Chino Valley has a new Business Park zoning district after the Chino Valley Planning & Zoning Commission voted to amend the town’s Unified Development Ordinance allowing for the new district.

The new district is meant for Old Home Manor, which is currently zoned as public land, said Planner Alex Lerma at the Tuesday, May 7, Planning & Zoning Commission meeting. The town has been working on developing an industrial park in the area, located north of Perkinsville Road and east of Jerome Junction.

“In order for the town to go ahead and achieve their goal of these 200 acres, we need a rezoning of this property,” Lerma said, adding that the creation of a new zoning district would be the best way to go about it. “That way, we could clearly identify what uses we want there and try to achieve the goals of the town.”

However, the zoning district is not strictly restricted to Old Home Manor, he said. It’s an available zoning district to which members of the community can rezone their property as long as they have 20 available acres, Lerma said.

Development Services Director Joshua Cook, who began working in the position a week after the commission got its first look at the proposed zoning district, said he reviewed the language of the Business Park zoning district and looked at other business park zones in other communities. Cook said he made some changes to what was originally brought to the commission.

“The other one, I think, it mixed too much industrial and too much commercial and it was kind of confused as to what it was supposed to accomplish,” he said. “Through the changes to the uses and modifications of some of the language, it meets the intent.”

The commission voted 5-2 for the amendment to allow the Business Park zoning district with the conditions of allowing veterinary clinics to be able to apply under conditional uses for an open area for animals and placing commercial kennels in conditional uses as well.

Commissioners Gary Pasciak and Robert Switzer voted against the measure, with Switzer stating he is opposed to the veterinary clinic and commercial kennel amendments.

“Looking at what is permitted and what is conditional use in the existing ordinance that has been presented tonight, I find outdoor kennels to be inconsistent with those uses,” Pasciak said.

After the adoption of the Business Park zoning, the commissioners voted unanimously to forward a recommendation that the Chino Valley Town Council approve the rezoning of Old Home Manor from Public Land to the new zoning district.

Editor's Note - this article has been updated to more accurately reflect Commissioner Gary Pasciak's objection to the proposal.