Originally published Wednesday, July 10, 2019 at 11:23p.m.

PRESCOTT — Epic Rides, a company dedicated to promoting and preserving the sport of outdoor cycling, has opened its third annual Hail the Trail fundraiser, which features a drawing for three brand new mountain bikes, each with a retail prize over $6,000.

In its existence, Hail the Trail has raised over $70,000, benefiting trail-building organizations in the host communities of the Epic Rides Series, including the local Prescott Mountain Bike Alliance (PMBA). This year will be no different as all proceeds will continue to fund the building of new bike trails and maintain the integrity of existing ones in those communities.

“Often times, there’s an abundance of energy and willingness to do the work but it’s just set back by financial constraints, and so this whole program was really built just to enable and empower the trail advocacy clubs in the communities to do what they want to do,” Epic Rides President Todd Sadow said. “On a year-round level, it gives the community the opportunity to build more trails and continually market themselves as a destination for mountain biking.”

Three winners will be chosen at the end of the fundraiser and be awarded with either a 2019

Specialized Epic Pro, a 2019 Pivot Mach 6C or a 2019 Scott Spark, all of which were provided by Epic Rides’ bike industry partners.

Supporters can purchase an unlimited amount of tickets for $5 each from July 10 to July 23 while the winners will be announced on July 26. Complete program information and tickets can be purchased at epicrides.com/hailthetrail/. The more tickets purchased, the higher chance a participant has of winning.

PMBA, in particular, intends to use the Hail the Trail Funds to put finishing touches on the Spence Basin trail system. They also plan to start new construction on trails approved by Prescott National Forest to provide more connectivity within the forests system.

“Prescott is a four-season town and that stands out among a state where the majority of it is a one- or two-season,” Sadow said. “And Prescott Mountain Bike Alliance, since the day they’ve formed, has always been really progressive … They’ve just only gotten stronger every year and I think that’s a testament to the community’s interest in their natural resources and being an outdoor-enthusiast community and letting that be an outspoken part of their identity.”

Other beneficiaries include the Colorado Plateau Mountain Bike Association (COPMOBA) in Grand Junction, Colo., Muscle Powered in Carson City, Nev. and Ozark Off-Road Cyclists (OORC) in Northwest Ark. Much like PMBA, each organization plans to use the funds for the construction of new biking trails in their respective communities.

For more information on the Off-Road Series, visit epicrides.com or follow @epicrides, @carsoncityoffroad, @whiskeyoffroad, @grandjunctionoffroad and @oztrailsoffroad on social media channels.

Aaron Valdez is a sports reporter for The Daily Courier of Prescott News Network. Follow him on Twitter at @Valaaron_94. Email avaldez@prescottaz.com or call 928-445-3333, ext. 2031.