The Arizona Community Foundation, on behalf of the Greater Prescott Outdoors foundation, recently presented the Yavapai County Search and Rescue Team “Fire Observer Unit” with a check for $4,113.

The Fire Observer team accepted the check from Rod Moyer representing the foundation.

The funds will be utilized for specialized portable radio equipment for 10 field observers. These observers report fire behavior, fire movement and weather to FOB Communication/Relay individuals keeping YCSO Incident Command up to date.

The FOB unit consists of 10 highly trained individuals specialized in wildland fire and weather. They provide real-time intelligence to Sheriff’s Office personnel on fire location, direction of spread, current and anticipated fire behavior, current weather conditions, proximity to management decision points and other observations of relevance.

Additionally, the FOB unit assists in identifying escape routes and safety zones for YCSO personnel, volunteers and the public as needed. The unit also watches for fire activity and other hazards in relation to evacuations and road blocks or any other activity involving Sheriff’s Office personnel and volunteers.

For more information, call 928-771-3260 or visit