Originally published Thursday, January 31, 2019 at 10:18p.m.

The year was 1969 – Woodstock happened, the Beatles gave their last performance, Led Zeppelin released their first two albums and The Who performed “Tommy” for the first time.

This weekend, Lonely Street Productions continues its annual salute to the top songs from 50 years ago with Class of ‘69, featuring chart-topping hits by Creedence Clearwater Revival, the Beatles, the Doors, Stevie Wonder, Dusty Springfield and others. The audience is going to like every song, even if they weren’t alive in 1969 said Crystal Stark who is performing the show along with Alex Mack.

“Every song is great and it’s great for a reason,” she said. “It was a hit on the charts for a reason because it’s just good music. Everything is upbeat fun. It’s just a great well-rounded show.”

The show at the Elks Theatre and Performing Arts Center, 117 E. Gurley St, will also have a more involved script than last year with some funny things happening that the audience will enjoy, she said. Tickets are $25 for adults and $22 for seniors, available online at www.prescottelkstheater.com, by calling 928-777-1370 or at the door one hour prior to the performance.

Stark said her favorite song to perform at this show is “Wedding Bell Blues,” by The Fifth Dimension. When she was 9-years-old, she would listen to the oldies station growing up and it was one of her favorites then, she said.

“A funny thing is that I’m engaged to a guy named Bill right now,” Stark said. “To sing about ‘marry me, Bill I got the wedding bell blues,’ it just kind of cracks me up that that’s come full circle.”

This is one of her favorite shows because every song is a hit, Stark said. Most of what will be performed in the 7 p.m. show are songs she already knows or has grown up with, making it really fun for her to perform, she said, mentioning she doesn’t know in what other circumstances she’d have the opportunity to sing them.

Class is in session Saturday, Feb. 2. For more information about Lonely Street Productions and their shows, visit www.lonelystreet.com.