Originally published Thursday, January 17, 2019 at 08:40p.m.

The Friday Catchall:

• BEST — A lot of people now think of Prescott, Arizona, when considering where to retire, glorious downtowns, most romantic, community wellbeing, best value, and best places to see, among others.

That is thanks to the Top 10 lists on which we keep landing.

Money, Time and Sunset magazines, Expedia, USA Today, CNN Money, Forbes, WalletHub, Gallup, and many more entities regularly rank Prescott, Arizona, based on a number of factors (or have done so in the past 20 years). I think once you start getting noticed, you get onto more and more of the lists — as Prescott has done.

Side note, which came first? One of the first national rankings that really broke it open was Money Magazine saying we’re the best place to retire — back in the early ’90s.

I think it is a lot of fun, and pretty cool. Challenge is you don’t always get the attention you want and when we receive said rankings, as the 1894 poem by James Whitcomb Riley said, “Katie bar the door,” meaning be careful what you wish for.

I recall property prices in Lake Havasu City doubling and tripling, with the city going from 3 percent growth to 13 and 15 percent growth — something almost untenable. When a school district plans for a new school because of growth, and it opens at capacity, you are operating behind not ahead of the curve.

The same thing has happened to Prescott in many different ways. I am bringing this up for two reasons.

As the Courier reported in 2017, more than a dozen subdivisions — something like 18? — are either beginning or are expanding north of Prescott and Prescott Valley. One could argue they’re building for the coming masses, and we have to be ready for the influx. Though, even if it takes 40 years for buildout, the infrastructure and resources will be sorely tested.

Also, when the NAACP boycotts Prescott over diversity concerns, as it did late last year, one has to consider the Top 10s — those entities ranking us — did so based on many, many different factors. Some focused on economics, health of residents, how many trees we have, property prices, etc. Diversity does not enter into any of those.

When you look at the rankings, the kudos, and even the boycott, think about the reasoning behind them.

And get ready.

Everything has an equal and opposite reaction; we may be good at one thing, but lacking elsewhere — and saying so means we must prepare for rain.

• LEGISLATURE — Our current poll on dCourier.com — What do you think the top priorities of the 2019 Arizona legislative session should be? (Pick up to three choices) — has been an eye-opener.

Leading the responses is “Remove the new $32-a-vehicle MVD registration fee to fund the state Highway Patrol,” at 20 percent; followed by “Approving a drought contingency plan or risk federal intervention,” and “Fixing state tax return forms to comply with federal law, otherwise Arizonans stand to pay $170 million more,” (both at 17 percent).

Weigh in (vote) and take it to the next level by sending a message to our lawmakers. Following is how to contact them:


  • Doug Ducey, Governor - Phone: 800-253-0883
  • Karen Fann, senator – kfann@azleg.gov
  • Noel Campbell, representative – ncampbell@azleg.gov
  • David Stringer, representative – dstringer@azleg.gov

Phone: 800-352-8404

1700 W. Washington, Phoenix, AZ 85007

• KUDOS — I often enjoy reading the Rants & Raves people send in; this one is my favorite this week:

  • Rave: My husband and I appreciate the Daily Courier’s coverage of the fentaynl arrests and all that PANT is doing to #StopFentanylNow. Keep up the pressure on the dealers.

Thank you, we’re staying with this.

• QUOTE — “Stop waiting for things to happen; go out and make them happen.”

• PICK OF THE WEEK — (Proving there’s always something good to do in the Prescott area that’s cheap or free): The Martin Luther King Jr. Day of Service, Monday, Jan. 21. Consider volunteering in one of nine different service projects locally from 1 to 4 p.m. It is a “day on, not a day off.” Register for one of the projects here: http://signup.com/go/AXOmTWX.

Tim Wiederaenders is the senior news editor for The Daily Courier and Prescott News Network. Follow him on Twitter @TWieds_editor. Reach him at 928-445-3333, ext. 2032, or twieds@prescottaz.com.