As with any organization, if there isn’t complete dedication to the task, things tend to go awry. It takes a skilled director to do all of the tasks involved, which include fundraising, the many written reports, menu choices, volunteer recruitment and appreciation, and many more tasks. This is a definite skillset that few people have, so it is extremely difficult for the local Meals on Wheels to find all of this with just one person.

The job was shared for a while, which apparently didn’t work very well. It takes great communication for two people to fulfill the job that should be done by one. Without it, the task is headed for failure — which is what happened. So the Board of Directors and the management staff of Meals on Wheels has determined reorganization is required for Meals on Wheels to remain functional in the Mayer area.

With a shrunken treasury, little federal help, and fewer people supporting the fundraising events, hiring a skilled director has become a very difficult task.

There just isn’t enough money in the treasury to pay for someone with these skills and still afford to pay the staff. So now fundraising has become critical to the continuance of the Mayer Area Meals on Wheels.

This program feeds about 90 people daily during the week. These people pay what they can, but in many cases can’t afford anything; but they rely on this sometimes being the only meal they receive that day. A misconception is that the program is totally federally funded, as only a portion of the expenses are reimbursed. Several volunteers know that this is critical to some people, so they are “coming out of retirement” to create and sponsor several events in the hopes of building up the treasury to keep the program viable.

Your help is needed when you see these events advertised. Your support of the event will not only be appreciated, but 100 percent of any profit will go directly to the Meals on Wheels treasury.

The first event is a Prime Rib dinner for $12 per person on Feb. 14 for Valentine’s Day. This is a prepaid ticket event so only the correct amount of food will be purchased, allowing for no waste.

So call MOW at 928-632-7511 to get your ticket.