A primer on how to not smuggle drugs on Interstate 17 and Interstate 40. For 14 years my wife and I have been reading the Prescott Daily Courier. Occasionally an article appears about “X” number or pounds of “Y” drugs confiscated on “Z” highway.

While we are grateful for the work of our law enforcement agencies, together we discuss what happened -- well, actually we know what happened 90 percent of the time before we even read the entire article. The idiot smugglers were either captured at or around (1) Camp Verde, (2) Cordes Lakes, or (2) Ash Fork. And, they were captured because of (1) and equipment malfunction, or (2) operator error like failing to signal; speeding; going too slow etc. ”Stupid is as stupid does” is what Forrest Gump said, which is an old adage that goes back centuries; it applies here.

Don’t worry, the smugglers aren’t smart enough to read the newspaper and figure out what not to do. They, most likely, get their news from the Internet or talking heads on TV ... if they get it at all. Mostly they are wasted on their own drugs — some of it is in plain sight when they are pulled over — and they are always extremely nervous-poker players they are not. These things never change. Way to go law enforcement; keep hanging out at those three points of capture.

Pete Williams