I have been watching and listening to some of the president’s latest talks, and it got me to thinking how he would do if serving in some important local public offices. Would we locals want him representing us in a local office of any sort?

What about serving as the local school superintendent? Would we want him as an example for our kids?

How about as a city council member? Would you be embarrassed by his past behavior, or the behavior he has displayed in his current office, to see it from him near at hand? Would you re-elect him if was happening locally?

Many of us can support some conservative positions, or will listen to arguments for them. We would hope they would be put forward by a decent person. Any reasonable person watching his performances, however, and familiar with his past behavior must wonder how we could ever have elected him in the first place. Over and over again he has shown himself to be a crude, unscrupulous and deceptive person. And his smirking speaking delivery is really hard to stomach.

We can only hope that the Republicans can put up a decent, worthy candidate for the next presidential election. Almost anyone would be a better choice for them, and for us.

Curt Cowell