Originally published Thursday, January 10, 2019 at 09:10p.m.

All four of the Prescott City Council members whose seats will be up for election this year have officially signaled their interest in running again in the upcoming 2019 city primary and election.

Prescott Mayor Greg Mengarelli took out the necessary nominating paperwork this week, joining fellow council incumbents Jim Lamerson, Billie Orr, and Steve Sischka, who had earlier filed their statements of organization.

Prescott City Clerk Maureen Scott reported that her office made the nominating packet information available to the public in the fall of 2018 for the 2019 election cycle.

Sischka, Orr, and Lamerson filed their statements of organization in September.

The statements of organization allow the prospective candidates to begin collecting the signatures they need in order to be listed on the ballot.

Scott said this year’s candidates will need to collect a minimum of 848 signatures (5 percent of the ballots cast in the previous election) and a maximum of 1,696 signatures (10 percent of the ballots cast).

The first day to file the completed petitions is April 29, and the deadline for petitions is May 29.

The city primary is set for Aug. 27, while the General Election is set for Nov. 5. Candidates who receive a 50-percent-plus-one majority during the primary are elected outright, and the undecided seats go on to a runoff in the General Election.

Lamerson, Orr, and Sischka all were elected to four-year terms in 2015, and Mengarelli was elected to a two-year term in 2017.

To date, Scott said she had received a number of inquiries from other prospective candidates, but none have filed the necessary paperwork.

Ballots for the August primary will be mailed out to Prescott’s registered voters in early August.

Mengarelli picked up his candidate packet this week but has yet to file the statement of organization, Scott said Thursday, Jan. 10.