Originally published Monday, February 11, 2019 at 05:57p.m.

At their charter signing Feb. 3, eight girls from Prescott joined Scouting BSA, formerly known as the Boy Scouts of America.

Their troop will be known as the Valkyries, a group of women in Viking lore who were chosen warriors to help the gods of Asgard in battle.

The girls said they came to this name after much debate.

Originally there was talks amongst the troop of being name the Amazons, but it was decided against because the Amazons lived a life of opposition towards men.

The Valkyries came to their namesake after learning the warrior women were fierce and independent, but also work alongside the men.

The Valkyries’ first event as a troop will be a camping event at McDowell Mountain Regional Park, a few miles northeast of Scottsdale.

“I think this is exciting and a great opportunity because I can spread it to my children or grandchildren,” Scout Sabrina Agosti said. “It’s the start of a new change and I get to be a part of it.”

When Life Scout Caleb Nave first hear the girls would join the boy scouts, he wasn’t against it, but a little confused on the logistics.

When scout leaders explain how girls would be integrated into the scouts, Nave said he became all for it.

“I think it is really cool because the girls are coming to some of our scouting events and it is more people and more fun that way,” Nave said.

Nave encourages all girls to start joining Scouts BSA because it is “really fun and exciting.”

Fellow scout Savannah Haffer thinks all the detractors of this change need to accept it because the world is changing. By having girls in the boy scouts it allows young ladies to be more involved in the community, Haffer said.

“If they want to kick us out of and make it an all-boys club than that’s not good,” Haffer said. “I mean they can say what they want, but that will not stop any of us.”

Another girl scout troop from Prescott Valley that joined the ranks of the boy scouts last week held their first meeting recently, and later in the month of February they will hold a joint meeting with the junior Cub Pact.

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