Originally published Tuesday, February 5, 2019 at 10:29p.m.

Lorette Brashear, executive director at the Chino Valley Area Chamber of Commerce, says that one day she hopes to be on the Chino Valley Town Council.

“It’s just a way for me to really be diplomatic, representing the chamber and just getting the word out there who we are and helping our businesses and understanding what our businesses need and want,” Brashear said.

The idea of possibly being elected as a councilwoman is something she thought of years ago, she said. At that time, Brashear didn’t know if it was a goal she was ever going to be able to achieve. Now, however, it looks more promising and attainable, not like it is out of her future reach, she said.

Brashear said she has a love for the community and the people she serves as the Chino Valley Area Chamber of Commerce executive director.

“I think we’re a growing community and I think that we are a very loving community,” she said. “We welcome everyone, and I love that about our community.”

Brashear began her tenure as the chamber’s executive director in May 2018.

At this point, Brashear said she doesn’t have any goals if she is elected someday, adding she has to start from the ground up. She feels like her base is at the chamber, learning what is going on, more about the town and community, she said. If she is lucky enough to get on the Town Council, that will be where she grows and gets more of an idea about the community’s needs, Brashear said.

She also would not rule out a possible future bid for mayor after spending some time on the council.

They are high dreams, but she just wants the town to do well and sees so much potential, she said. The Town of Chino Valley is growing and she is excited to be a part of it, Brashear said.

“I feel like I’m in the right place at the right time,” she said. “I could never have said that before in my life. I finally feel like I’m supposed to be here; this is where I’m supposed to be.”