Research shows that effective teachers have the greatest single impact on student achievement. Effective teachers have a greater impact on student achievement than family and community involvement, smaller class sizes, and curriculum.

Conversely, it may take up to three years for a student to recover from an ineffective teacher. If a student has ineffective teachers for a couple years in a row, the negative effect could be almost impossible to overcome.

What qualities does an effective teacher exhibit? According to researchers at William and Mary College, effective teachers have training in how to teach, understand the needs of special-needs students, understand their subject content, and can manage a classroom.

They also exhibit fairness, caring for their students, and can communicate effectively. Effective teachers also have the ability to engage students and deliver meaningful lessons.

Administrators need to be creative to attractive effective teaching candidates. The competition for all teachers is fierce but particularly so for hard to fill positions such as special education, math, language arts, and science.

For these positions we can offer one time signing bonuses to help compensate for moving expenses. Chino Valley Schools has the luxury of offering candidates a four-day work week, which has been a game-changer for recruiting staff. Many candidates, particularly younger teachers, are willing to take a little less pay in exchange for a four-day work week.

With the help of the Yavapai County Education Service Agency, area districts and schools have had teacher recruiting opportunities that other rural counties don’t.

Over the next month, groups of area administrators will travel to South Dakota to attend job fairs in Sioux Falls and Spearfish looking for teachers. The YCESA will also arrange to fly some of the candidates that we meet to Yavapai County to interview with area districts.

This is the fourth year that we will travel to South Dakota to recruit teachers. The time and money spent on recruiting there is well worth it, as the teachers who come to the area recruited from these trips have proven to be highly effective.

On March 27 the YCESA will host the 2019 Northern Arizona Teacher Recruitment and Job Fair. This is a cooperative effort with Yavapai College who will host the teacher job fair in their library community room.

Districts and schools from all over the county will send representatives to recruit and interview potential candidates.

This event is unique in that the candidates who attend are looking for teaching positions in Yavapai County. When we attend other statewide teacher job fairs, usually in the Phoenix area, the candidates generally are looking for jobs in Maricopa County with a very small number willing to relocate to other areas of the state.

If you or someone you know is looking for a teaching position in Yavapai County, I highly recommend you attend the job fair.

You can find information on the YCESA website at

I hope to meet you there.