Originally published Tuesday, February 5, 2019 at 10:15p.m.

Our student of the week is Ethan Jensen. Several teachers were asked what makes Ethan great and they had many things to say. Such as …

“Ethan is the kindest, sweetest young man. He is not pushy and he is always willing to help others. Ethan has the biggest heart of any student I have ever had. He is always respectful and he works so hard at school even though it is sometimes difficult.”

“He never misses doing his homework, always does his best, always kind to all, always polite, and a great kid.”

“He reached 200% of his AR reading goal last quarter and I can always count on him to be a great friend to all.”

“Ethan is caring and considerate of others. He always has a big smile and lends a hand when needed. Ethan gives his best effort both in class and outside.”

Ethan’s love for his family, especially his little sister is evident, along with all their family pets.

In addition to being a great student and friend here at Del Rio School, Ethan recently earned the highest award in Cub Scouts known as the Arrow of Light at the level of Webelo. This award helps bridge those at the rank of Cub Scout into Boy Scouts. Ethan has been a Cub Scout since he was 8 and loves it. He has participated every week with his den earning various badges and pins towards completion of Cub Scouts. Some of the requirements are conducting a flag-raising ceremony, community service projects and memorizing the Cub Scout oath and motto. Ethan has participated in a number of summer camps and has earned badges through activities with his family.

We are so proud of the young man, Ethan Jensen, for all his work, love and dedication to the things he is involved in.