Originally published Tuesday, February 5, 2019 at 10:07p.m.


In regards to the proposed increased property tax issue, a recent newspaper article states that some of the areas to be amended would be Appaloosa, Brightstar, Mesa View, Highland Ranch, Parkside Village and Vista Grande Estates. Where in the equation do Meadows 1 and 2, etc. and other lower-income areas fall into this amendment?

I have had the same potholes in front of our house for the past 10 years that just keep growing every time the rain washes them away. I took video of the town fixing the pothole. They use cold mix and run it over with their work truck instead of using vibration plates to tamper it down and make it stay. The work truck literally pulled out some of the cold mix as it drove away, and by the next rain it was almost gone.

Water is asphalt’s enemy. Most roads are tar, oil and rock; and water separates the mix, causing it to break down easily. I know this because of 10 years of experience working in roads and streets with other government entities. Don’t you think it is about time for Chino Valley to have a better, permanent solution to the numerous potholes in our subdivisions (and all over for that matter)? The lower-income areas of town pay property taxes too, and we should be able to have a nicer neighborhood like the “newer” subdivisions. Certainly, some of the extra $1.9 million could be used to improve our neighborhood roads (and maybe even put a designated walking strip on Road 1 East for pedestrians and kids!). Let’s be smart and fair about this people!

Travis Moody

Chino Valley