After reading the column about AR15s and why people “need them,” I kind of sat there in disbelief. The rationale for why civilians “need” this military-style weapon was as familiar as it was wrong.

Again, Chicago is cited as why everyone needs military-style weapons ignoring the fact that the main reason Chicago has so much gun violence is because there are far too many guns in the United States and that they are too easy to procure. That is the real problem. And the examples of police being “outgunned” are so rare as to be meaningless.

But the real farcical rationale was that everyone needs an AR 15 so that when masses of people storm your home you need to defend yourself and your family! How many times has this happened in U.S. history where mobs of people went around using military action against their neighbors? And the core of this argument is really “vigilantism is good” with everyone taking the law into their own hands. Does the writer seriously think that with massive civil unrest there would be no awareness on the part of law enforcement? Taking the law and breaking it is not a solution.

How many of the recent mass murders with AR 15s were the work of mobs storming individual households? None.

Harry Haff