I noticed the front page article in the Daily Courier outlining various Prescott City Charter changes. A very important rule addition to the Prescott City Charter would be to permanently change the various City Council and meetings (such as Planning and Zoning Commission) to occur after normal folks’ job-working hours - that is to say, these meetings should occur in the evenings. This way, the working public could attend without risking their jobs - and the City Council and Commissions could begin to really hear what the Prescott residents think and want. (I presume they would prefer to know what their residents think, but the fact that the current early-afternoon meeting times excludes Prescott working residents suggests that they do not - this seems backward.)

A second important addition would be to prevent the council from censoring public comments at-will, which seems to suggest, again, that the City Council may not actually want to hear what the people of Prescott think. These changes would insure and encourage better public participation in City Affairs along with increased city democracy here in Prescott.

Patti Michelle Sheaffer

Prescott (Diamond Valley)