Attacking the Second Amendment and the NRA has been an ongoing theme for many years from the left. The Left Wing Liberal Socialist/Communist Party, once known as The Democratic Party, has been indoctrinating our children from elementary---college, into believing their Socialist/Communist views, has now enlisted high school students, into the mix, in order to push their Socialist agenda. A great number of these students cannot verbally explain how the Second Amendment came about, what it stands for, or even what it states. This includes who the NRA is or what they stand for. They don’t even know just how many or what gun laws that are on the books that are supposed to protect us. Many of these students have been taught that Guns Kill--Not People, so wrong. Filling students minds (along with many adults) with propaganda is being led by the likes of CNN, MSNBC, Huff Post, and other hard core left wing, so called news organizations, along with a great number of our Teachers and Professors. If you DO NOT believe that a large number, NOT ALL, of our teachers/professors are not Hard Left Wing Liberals leaning on Socialism/Communism, and are not constantly filling our kids’ brains with their views and propaganda, you are sleeping in the world of OZ. More and more of these teachers/professors are being exposed all the time. To the main stream Democrats, WAKE-UP FOLKS, you are allowing this extreme Socialist/Communist Propaganda Machine, found in the Media and in our schools, to allow this to happen.

Rollie Landtiser