Originally published Wednesday, March 14, 2018 at 05:49a.m.

Lake Havasu City Police detectives have arrested a man in connection with the 2004 shooting death of Cindy R. Trumbull.

Police said William Timothy Nunno, 38, was arrested March 9 in Las Vegas by the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department's FBI Criminal Apprehension Team. The arrest comes after an 18-month investigation by Havasu detectives, who traveled across the country to re-interview several witnesses in the cold case. Trumbull was 30 years old when she was shot and killed at her home in the 200 block of Geronimo Boulevard in August of 2004.

Police in 2004 said Trumbull died as a result of a single gunshot wound to the head. Her body was discovered by officers at the house after receiving a phone call from a woman using a payphone on morning the shooting occurred.

Trumbull was already known to police before the incident. In the two months prior to her death, she had been charged in two separate incidents involving kidnapping. Those charges included a July 2004 case in which three teens were kidnapped at gunpoint near Havasu Lanes. The teens were taken into the desert east of the city, stripped of their clothes and dropped off. Trumbull was charged with hindering prosecution and possession of drug paraphernalia, while two other men were charged with felony armed robbery in that case. About a month later, she was charged with four felonies for her involvement in an incident in which a male acquaintance tried to force a man into a vehicle at gunpoint.

Police have not indicated whether Nunno is connected to either of those incidents. During the cold case investigation, new information was obtained and the case was presented to a grand jury last week that resulted in Nunno's indictment on first-degree homicide and other felony charges related to the incident. As a result, a felony warrant was issued for his arrest.

Nunno was charged with first degree murder and three counts of aggravated assault. He was also charged with attempted first degree murder and two counts of aggravated assault as the result of a separate investigation of an incident that occurred on Aug. 16, 2004.

He's being held on a $250,000 bond at the Clark County Detention Center pending extradition back to Mohave County.

The Lake Havasu City Police Department established a cold case squad approximately two years ago with the purpose of investigating the department’s unsolved homicides.

Police were interviewed by Today's News-Herald in 2007 about various unsolved murder cases. Lt. Troy Stirling, then a sergeant with the department, said the Trumbull case was difficult because it involved drug culture and a transient population. He predicted a big break in the case could come if a witness would come out of the woodwork. That's apparently what happened nearly 14 years later when the Havasu Police Department's two-year-old cold case squad reopened the case.

“Sometimes you get a case where somebody knows something and their conscience gets to them after a while and they say, ‘By the way, I saw this,’” Lt. Rich Sloma told the News-Herald in 2007. “Sometimes it’s second or thirdhand information, but that’s what gives us the break to go backtrack a little bit more.”