An article in The Daily Courier (Feb. 23, page 7A) indicates that “recyclable materials should be in the blue recycle container, but MUST NOT BE BAGGED.” ... BAGGED MATERIAL IS DISCARDED IN THE LANDFILL” (capitals mine).

That is, if we place our recyclables IN A BAG, and then in the blue container, it is treated as trash!

I moved here six years ago, and was never notified that the recyclables should be placed in the bin as loose material. Fortunately, I’ve never bagged my recyclables, so have not been contributing to Prescott’s trash all these years. But how many well-meaning citizens have been bagging, because they didn’t know they weren’t supposed to?

Lack of knowledge of the “rules” may help explain Prescott’s low recycling rate (about 23 percent) indicated in a recent article.

So now we know. Please, do NOT bag your recyclables! Thanks.

Nancy Christie