The article on Dr. Jon Bundy with Premier Eye Center a week ago was spot on. He is the most amazing eye doctor in Prescott. I have worked with him for a couple of years for all of my eye issues including “extreme dry eye” and he NEVER gives up trying to come up with a solution. He is very accessible via email. If he doesn’t get back to you within the hour, there is something wrong.


Dr. Jon Bundy, right, a doctor of optometry at Premier Eye Center in Prescott, recently fit Deiden Bennett, a local teenager, with special contact lenses to deal with his astigmatism. (Cindy Barks/Courier)

Dr. Bundy is a very giving soul. He and his wife Stacy travel to Cambodia once a year to help the less fortunate with their eye issues. He is a one man show, seeing hundreds of patients during his short time there. He also travels to Mexico once a year to also help people. Dr. Bundy is very involved with the Prescott Sunrise Lions club reaching out to people and children with sight issues. We are indeed very lucky to have this “Rock Star” of a doctor in Prescott. He is the dry eye specialist of Arizona, bar none!

A very grateful patient,

Lyn DeLano