Originally published June 13, 2018 at 08:30p.m.

Updated June 14, 2018 at 12:00p.m.

Previous record for Arizona Gila trout was 19-1/4 inches, 3.56 pounds

PRESCOTT — David Worsham of Avondale traveled north to Prescott in search of a big catch June 2, and a big catch he got.

Hooking a 23-inch, 5.12-pound Gila trout out of Goldwater Lake, the Arizona Game and Fish Department said Worsham may have left Prescott with a potential state and world record fish.

The Gila trout is in the process of certification as an Arizona state record, Game and Fish said.

“It kind of fought like a catfish at first,” Worsham said. “Once it started getting closer to shore it started peeling drag. I loosened the drag so she could run a little bit. I didn’t want to horse it to shore and chance it breaking off.”

The unique fish species is one of two native trout species in Arizona.

According to Game and Fish, the previous inland waters, hook-and-line Arizona state record for Gila trout was three pounds, 5.6 ounces and 19-1/4 inches caught by Robert Woods of Flagstaff in the Frye Mesa Reservoir back in 2011.

The International Game Fish Association All-Tackle World Record Gila trout stands at three pounds, seven ounces and was caught by Bo Nelson in 2011 from Arizona’s Frye Mesa Reservoir.

Worsham’s fish has not been certified by the IGFA.

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