I have no intention in getting into a protracted argument with the uninformed. However, in response to Ms. Brigie Dickinson, your edition dated March 9, my response is “Actions speak louder than words.”

Instead of reading meaningless pap on a website, I suggest you watch honest, balanced news programs that have on several occasions shown footage, with sound, on marchers carrying Black Lives Matter banners chanting death slogans toward law enforcement.

And secondly, how fortuitous that in the same edition of The Daily Courier, was carried a letter to the editor from Susan Shipley, who deplored the actions by “a young mother” who spit in Ms. Shipley’s face simply because the latter was advocating, peacefully, for her God given, lawfully enacted, Supreme Court upheld, Second Amendment rights.

So I ask Ms. Dickenson and all other left-leaning persons, when was the last time a conservative American initiated any physical confrontation with a liberal demonstrator? Oh, yes, it has happened, however, I venture at less than a 100-to-1 ratio. Conservatives as a whole are peaceful, law-abiding individuals who prefer to empower individuals to make free choices as opposed to liberals, who wish to only restrict and deny individuals their many legal rights.

Most recently they have attacked our First Amendment rights. I rest my case.

Scott Fraser