Regarding your editor’s note above the Dec. 28 letters to the editor, I read the local paper for local news only. To find out what is happening in the area. Local issues, local people, the arts, obituary. I never read the editorial.

For important news, world news, it’s The Wall Street Journal. Wish you could include an article from them occasionally. Two days in a row now your letters to the editor page has included articles that are negative about Trump and what is getting done by this administration. One was signed by a Ph.D. stating the Electoral College is useless. How is it a Ph.D. does not understand the reason for the Electoral College and its benefits? How is it the left is blind to the positive things happening due to Trump?

We have a booming economy, low unemployment, a soaring stock market, tax overhaul to name a few positives. People on the left are not happy about these things.

Keep those negative letters to the editor coming to your own detriment.

Carol Faoro

Chino Valley