Congress passed its tax bill to put more money into our pockets. Hopefully they’ll take on the pharmaceutical mess soon. A complete disaster! The latest fad is to shop for prescriptions, ask for the cash price. Many times it’s cheaper going thru our own plan. Even when a drug is declared a generic, oftentimes they raise the price. The EpiPen recently increased the price substantially but after much anger, the price was reduced. The manufacturer wanted more money in his pocket. This is nothing new.

The opioid mess is another example to be dealt with. We have department heads who do nothing by design. Probably for a payoff of some sort. Lives are lost but who cares. These depraved jerks are in this for the money, people die but it doesn’t deter them one bit. Sadly most of these problems would be solved if we had honest, responsible people in these positions and if we followed the rules laid out by Congress.

Doctors prescribe these drugs too liberally and recently there have been reductions in this practice. People also have to take responsibility for their own lives. There are many programs to help those in pain, many options to take to reduce the pain medications. Between the patient and doctor this can be solved. Convict and jail those who are illegally shipping and manufacturing these drugs.

Medical marijuana the new drug which may be a good thing. Probably better than pain medication. Two states are the test and hopefully this will help Arizona make the right decision to legalize it or not.

Bernice Cressy

Prescott Valley