In response to your editorial “Downtown parking woes could result in costly measures” (January 7): I would like to ask why the City is not considering changing the parking structure on the courthouse section of Gurley Street. The City could get rid of the parking spaces on one side of the street, or at least convert the angled spaces to parallel so that it matches the section of Gurley by Elks Theater. This would provide room to expand the length of the parking spaces on the other side of the street. Thus, traffic blockage would all but be eliminated on both sides of the street.

This solution would be more palatable to the public than installing parking meters, as you suggest. It would also be more effective: even if meters do reduce the “If you don’t fit, don’t park” violations, it only takes one violation to reduce Gurley from two lanes to one.

You state that “The parking downtown is important to business owners, the city, as well as the public.” I agree, but there are only 20 or so parking spaces on one side of the courthouse section of Gurley. It would be worth reducing or eliminating these to reduce the current downtown traffic woes.

Lewis Brownlie