One of the many phrases that Republicans are fond of parroting in their thoughtless tirades is “no government overreach.” Unfortunately, this one doesn’t survive the light of even surface scrutiny if you look at the new laws and regulations that the current Republican administration is forcing upon Americans. One recent example of federal overreach is Attorney General Jeff Sessions’s repealing of a rule that directs the Department of Justice to not prosecute cannabis growers, seller and users.

Whether or not you approve of marijuana use is not the issue. The real issue is that the people (not the corporations or billionaires) in several sovereign states have cast their votes to legalize marijuana growing and use (29 for medical use, 9 for recreational use). For the federal government to now oppose those citizen-supported decisions is the very definition of government overreach.

If the Republicans in this country understand government overreach and are truly against it, then they will contact their congress people and tell them to back off. If you don’t care whether marijuana is legal or not, you should still let your “representatives” (I use the word loosely) know of your displeasure. The marijuana-use issue sets a precedent for further overreach in the future, when the Feds may decide to regulate or criminalize something you use or need. Your choices come down to: either voice your concerns about this government overreach, or stop using this as part of your platform. Otherwise, you’re a hypocrite.

Chris Brussat