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  • The childish behavior of Nancy Pelosi and her gang during the President’s State of the Union Address was absolutely disgusting.

  • Income tax credits for donations to private charities, schools, etc. Now, let’s push for the same for the Federal Income Tax to replace and eliminate all public welfare, and eliminate the expensive and wasteful government middle man.

  • Three things I can’t stand – football, advertisements and Justin Timberlake; so, nope, didn’t watch the Super Bowl.

  • The state can ban texting but it’s meaningless. Drunk driving is also banned but that doesn’t stop folks from getting behind the wheel.

  • In Tuesday’s paper, several abandoned kitties (one 10 years old) left behind when owners moved. Shameful. Arizona should have some sort of prosecution for these heartless people who should’ve never had animals to begin with!

  • Texting while driving: If lawmakers were serious this would be more than a petty offense that might produce some revenue. It’s no different than auto insurance; officers cannot stop a violator unless there’s another violation. But it makes us feel “safe.”

  • They want to come check out my home before I can adopt a dog or cat. Too bad they don’t bother to check out the home of folks before they are allowed to have kids.

  • Courier columnist Tom Cantlon fails to mention who is directing the government during this period of enforcement. He also fails to mention that most of the trespasses occurred during Obama’s watch. Remember to vote.

  • Who better than the American people to look out for the interests of Americans? The politicians have forgotten how. We, the people, know better than they what’s good for us. Fire everybody and start over.

  • Individual freedom is great. Fearing nanny-state creep is right. But, anarchy is wrong. We need appropriate laws. No texting while driving! If a limited ban is all that is currently possible, get it done.

  • Freedom of the press is vital to a functioning democracy, which is why Trump’s calls of “fake news” are so damaging. Also, the mental health test given is to detect dementia and has nothing to do with mental illness.

  • It amazes me when people act like Yavapai county has drugs; it has always had drugs in it. The difference is now you hear about the amount of drugs. Stop acting like this is new.

  • Giving county supervisors the power to levy a 1 percent discretionary fee is just stupid. As for the gas tax, it should be set to also charge hybrid-, electric- and propane-fueled vehicles.

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