Do you believe all the developments in modern technology are for the best? Or are you like-minded, and feel that some of these so called advancements are an invasion of our time, space, and privacy?

I receive at least four “bot” calls per day, sometimes from the same number. They have even begun to use local area codes to disguise their unwanted calls. Scammers are using this technique also.

I have put my number on do-not-call lists many times and have also asked these offenders to please stop calling me, all to no avail. If none of this is working for us, don’t you think the phone company should be responsible? Perhaps they should have an “unwanted calls number” where they delete numbers in which they receive consistent complaints from customers.

Another gripe: Three weeks ago I was researching the internet to buy a car. Ever since, I have been seeing pictures of cars on both sides of my screen, along with many popups. I received calls from salespeople from here to the moon. Often, when I am writing an email or working on a site, a company will take over the screen with unwanted, unsolicited advertisements.

Aren’t we supposed to be the customers? The overpaying customers! Shouldn’t we have a voice in how companies communicate with us?

When companies call us at dinnertime, bedtime, or too early!

Do you believe that we should organize and let these companies know who the customers are? Seems like it is about time we defended ourselves, no one else seems to care!

J.J. Volpe