Attorney General Jeff Sessions has rescinded a trio of memos from the Obama administration that had adopted a policy of non-interference with marijuana-friendly state laws.

Soon we’ll see the Trump administration chasing around the marijuana grower in an attempt to shut them down. Why? It certainly isn’t going to stop millions of Americans from getting and smoking it.

President Trump and A.G. Sessions want a return to yesteryear to fight an unwinnable, wasteful and costly war.

This nonsense will enable the Mexican cartels to resume a majority of pot business in current states where it is legally sold. Trump’s shuttering of American marijuana farms will take millions of dollars away from the American marijuana grower and give it to the drug cartels instead. Why do the Republicans want to see these foreign cartels get rich from this crop and not our own American citizens?

The millions of taxed dollars in states that legally sell the drug will no longer go for school education and other programs. Our own state takes in $30 million in tax revenue. Nearly $280 million was generated from the sale of medicinal pot. This money stops if marijuana can’t be grown and sold by an American citizen. Mexican cartels don’t pay taxes.

We need to stop marijuana profits from leaving this country by removing these violent Mexican drug cartels from all United States sales.

Buy American.

Michelle Star