Originally published Friday, February 9, 2018 at 06:00a.m.

Every year, Arizona’s breweries that are a part of the Arizona Brewers Guild put on Arizona Beer Week, said Audra Yamamoto, owner of Granite Mountain Brewing.

“This is just to showcase all of the Arizona breweries, have different events, kind of bring everyone together,” Yamamoto said. “There’s a lot of collaborations going on.”

In fact, there’s nearly 200 different events going on throughout the state of Arizona at various breweries and tap houses with anyone who has ties to Arizona craft beer participating, Yamamoto said. Granite Mountain Brewing went all out this year, with seven or eight different events, she said.

The brewery’s events began Thursday with a kickoff party and continue today, with the introduction of Stoic Cider out of Williamson Valley and a preview of its Strong Beers to its Mug Club Members. Those will be released to the public on Saturday, Feb. 10. There’s a Belgian Dark called Altitude 10, a Double NE IPA called Two if by Sea and an Imperial Milk Stout called Double Treble.

On Saturday, Granite Mountain collaborates with The Barley Hound, 234 S. Cortez St. A $25 ticket nets four beer samples and food — equivalent to a full meal and two beers — any time between 1 and 3 p.m. Afterwards is a stroll to Granite Mountain Brewing for another special beer and dessert.

Events continue every day after, for a full list visit www.granitemountainbrewing.com.

Before this year’s Arizona Beer Week even began, Yamamoto said the brewers got together for a collaborative brew called Haze Gone A-Rye.

“That included Prescott Brewing Company … Lonesome Valley over in (Prescott Valley) and Insurgent Brewing up in Chino Valley,” she said. “So the four of us, those guys all got together, designed a beer, brought ingredients together. Really, it’s nice when we can all get together, and it’s too bad we’re only able to do that once a year.”

Yamamoto said she usually tries to reach out to other breweries to see what they’re doing. She found that Prescott Brewing Company, 130 W. Gurley St., has a restaurant special of chicken paired with a can of beer of choice. For more information about what Prescott Brewing Company is doing for Arizona Beer Week, see their website, www.prescottbrewingcompany.com or at 928-771-2796.

Beer is so much more than just a singular product in people’s minds, Yamamoto said. There’s a world beyond just beer by itself, she said.

“It’s a world of food that goes along with it, there’s whole desserts and doughnut pairings that go along with it, and there’s Strong Beer, there’s Session Beers. There’s all of these different varieties. I think Arizona Beer Week, being what it is and marketed how it is, just draws more attention to that and that there’s more than just the yellow fizzy stuff in a can.”

For more information about Arizona Beer Week or to see what other brewers around Yavapai County and the state have going on, visit www.arizonabeerweek.com.