Originally published Wednesday, December 5, 2018 at 06:32p.m.

It was standing room only at Meals on Wheels for their annual Thanksgiving Dinner and Pie Auction on Wednesday, Nov. 21. The nicest part of the dinner is that it is served by the 4H club and that group caters to your every need. Cups never run dry, plates removed when dirty, and when all is said and done, the tables are cleaned and you would never know that a crowd had just had dinner there.

Dinner music was provided by Kevin Campbell and Trish Rasmussen. Kevin has a fantastic voice and sang some old show tunes, popular songs from years past, and truly entertained the crowd. Trish is terrific by going everywhere she possibly can to play piano, making Trish and Kevin the area’s Dynamic Duo.

The second part of the event is the pie auction. Since the drastic government funding cuts, Meals on Wheels relies on the generosity of the community members to supplement their income so they can continue to deliver meals to the shut-ins in the area, of which there are about 90 per day being fed up and down Corridor 69. There were 35 pie and cake entries, not counting the candy bouquets that lined the back of the tables. Some of the more interesting entries were the fireball whiskey pumpkin pie 0 for adults only- an Amish apple and a regular pie that weighed a ton!

Kevin Campbell had his first round at being an auctioneer and did a fantastic job. Caroline Johnson, the pie delivery person and money taker, kept telling him to slow down as she couldn’t move that fast through the crowd. But between them, they managed to get the crowd to buy every pie and put almost $500 in the Meals on Wheels bank account. Many thanks to our citizens for recognizing and helping those less fortunate during the holidays.