Originally published Sunday, August 19, 2018 at 05:50p.m.

Kammie Kobyleski, the new Director of Alumni Relations at Yavapai College, steps into a position that’s new for her and new for the college.

Following discussions with Yavapai College president Dr. Penny Wills, and given the supervisory role over alumni relations at his previous position at Lock Haven University, it was clear to Yavapai College Vice President of Community Relations Rodney Jenkins that maintaining relationships with YC graduates was a missing component.

“An office of alumni affairs may not be the norm among community colleges, but Dr. Wills and I agreed that we were missing out on some big opportunities by not having a mechanism that allowed the institution to stay in touch with our alumni,” says Jenkins.

Kobyleski is born to the role of alumni relations: most of her positions when she worked at Arizona State University involved relationship building, audience engagement and marketing.

“I worked a lot with recent and longtime alums on career transitions and the job search.” Kobyleski says.

“We worked really collaboratively with our employer and corporate relations partners to help connect alumni with job opportunities and community connections. It’s been amazing to be a part of the ripple effect created from some of these alumni businesses—some of them are truly changing people’s lives and positively impacting the planet.”

One of the biggest challenges of this new position is that, in terms of identifying and connecting with alumni, Kobyleski will be starting from scratch. She is undaunted, looking to see how her efforts will benefit the students.

“It’s exciting to consider the possibilities of having a really solid network of YC alums to both provide resources for, but to also utilize their talents and skills as future staff, faculty, mentors, and community and employer partners,” says Kobyleski. “I don’t look at these as challenges so much as opportunities to build a solid network and support system.”

At ASU, Kammie worked as the Director of Special Programs at the Center for Entrepreneurship. She also served as the Director of Dean’s Initiatives, as well as the Assistant Director and Graduate Career Coach of the Graduate Business Career Center, all through the university’s W.P. Carey School of Business.

“I got bit by the higher ed bug in 2001,” Kobyleski says. “I started working at Lindenwood University in St. Charles, (Missouri), (also my alma mater) and thought I’d stay two years, complete my Master’s degree and move on. I ended up staying there for seven years and worked in various roles from Admissions and Academic Affairs to teaching undergrads full time my final two years there.”

Given her years working at institutions of higher education, Kobyleski cites the meaningful impact that working in that sector can have.

“What could be more rewarding than helping people evolve into the highest version of themselves?,” she said.

Courtesy of Yavapai College.