Originally published Friday, August 10, 2018 at 02:58p.m.

BEVERLY HILLS — God Bless America, and how’s everybody?

All in the Family’s Norman Lear agreed to create new sitcoms for CBS saying as a committed liberal he feels a lot like Dr. Frankenstein right now. That’s because people always wondered what would happen if you gave Archie Bunker a billion dollars and now we know. He’s in the White House.

Venezuela’s socialist economy fell apart on Tuesday just as newly-elected Democratic House members were urging primary candidates to back higher taxes, Medicare for all and free college. It seems every generation has to learn the same lesson. A sardine is a whale after ten years of socialism.

Mexico’s new socialist president Lopez Obrador announced Thursday he’s giving his Interior Minister a free rein to consider legalizing all drugs in Mexico, including cocaine. Reaction was swift. Six Hollywood stars just vowed to leave the United States whether Trump gets re-elected or not.

Texas Rangers pitcher Bartolo Colon set a Major League record for most number of wins by a pitcher born in Latin America. He’s been around a long while. Colon also set the record for most wins by someone from Latin America who was born before it was discovered as part of the New World.

President Trump offered to meet Iran’s president Friday as Iran’s economy continued sinking from the weight of U.S. sanctions. An intelligence report last week says that Iran is on the verge of a bitter civil war. That means the U.S. effort to make the Middle East more like America is working.

The Weather Channel attributed the West Coast’s blazing heat to the Santa Ana winds off the Imperial Desert. Every August desert winds make people in L.A. crazy and romantic. It’s that time of year when couples like to cuddle up on the couch together, turn on the TV news, and enjoy a nice fire.

Secretary of Defense James Mattis agreed to the Space Force Thursday and now the idea must be submitted to Congress. It’s all been worked out. The first task of the Space Force will be to build a wall to keep illegal aliens from entering the Earth, and we are going to make the Klingons pay for it.

The White House was reported Friday working to curb legal immigration into the U.S. It’s to ensure full employment. A foreign-born Muslim was just arrested in New Mexico for attempting to train kids how to stage school shootings, and another example of immigrants taking away U.S. jobs.

British Tory leader Boris Johnson is getting it from the PC police for saying women in burkas all look like letterboxes. And to which I say, you’re either a Tory or you’re NOT. Oh, for the good old days, when postal boxes were red and blue and didn’t jump around when you tried to mail a letter.

The Space Force came a step closer to reality Thursday when Mike Pence got the Pentagon to sign off on a sixth branch of the military. The dangers are certain. Some Iranian could fire a pulse bomb from a satellite and knock out Twitter, making him the first Iranian to win a Nobel Peace Prize.

Republican pundits pointed to the narrow win in Ohio as a sign there’ll be no Blue Wave this fall. It never ends. Democratic pundits are all pointing to the narrow loss in Ohio as a hopeful sign that in the midterm Democrats will be able to build on that success and narrowly lose nationwide.

The New York Times ran an editorial Thursday calling for the elimination of the Constitution saying it’s anti-democratic. New York liberals need to make up their minds. In the morning, they say minorities are oppressed by the document because it was written by conservative white men, then in the evening they pay eight hundred dollars a ticket to give Hamilton a standing ovation for writing it.