Originally published Thursday, August 9, 2018 at 03:00p.m.

Heart-felt concern


I know, I get sad easily, like the pain I feel about young children being torn from their parents at the border, not to be returned for weeks and months, and some maybe forever. I know many of them will have negative consequences from this trauma for the rest of their lives. I know, because I experienced it as a child. I know, because, as a social worker I was part of the heartbreak of situations where children were taken from their parents.

I get sad for the pain of people, animals ... insects ... like the awful story on the front page of the Courier a few days ago, relating how someone stopped their car after seeing a tarantula cross the road, backed up, and then deliberately drove over the beautiful creature.

I also saw a huge tarantula cross the road. It seemed so determined! I was so worried it would get run over, that I slowed down to alert another driver. I then stopped, and made sure it was safe. I guess that what seems heartbreaking to me doesn’t even register as pain, in the heart of those who hurt others, animals, and creatures such as amazing tarantulas.

Anne Schwing