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  • Want a teacher to gun down a mass murder? Think that situation through.

  • Will I ever fly on a single-engine Pilatus PC-12? Absolutely not. Sorry, I need more backup than just one engine. Google “Pilatus PC-12 Crash History,” then make your decision.

  • RE: Palace sale - Thanks, Dave Michelson, for many great times at the Palace. Best wishes for a happy retirement. Looking forward to many more great times under the new owners at our favorite place to take out-of-town visitors.

  • Someone want to tell me why City Hall is allowing an operating gravel mine, downtown? Where was Planning and Zoning during this decision. Scratching my head.

  • What jurisdiction pays for the National Guard troops on our southern border? Arizona schools need that money.

  • Why should people who are in the country illegally get lower tuition rates? I had to work my way through college. Let them get citizen status and work their way through college also.

  • We live in Pine Lakes Senior Mobile Home Community off Herford and Iron Springs Road. Our cell and house phone service is terrible. Our children have called the office at times because they could not get a hold of us.

  • Sex-trafficking of minors in Arizona? Parents, wake up! Know who your kids are talking with on “social media” and what they are talking about, before it’s too late.

  • One in 21. That’s how many times the airport has hit the magic 10,000 passengers/annual number. Now they want to fly smaller, single-engine planes instead of twins. Most of flights are to Phoenix. What’s wrong with this picture?

  • Cell service for Highland Pines and Skull Valley? How about cell service for northwest Prescott first? West of Williamson Valley Road there are many homes, but really no cell service at all.

  • About time that it is finally about the students and NOT just for more money! Unless they strike or walk out, leaving students hanging, I will now support this movement.

  • Much can be said of carnage and violence on our streets and in schools, but banning guns is just not going to stop the violence. A large part of gun violence is from lack of respect for government and police.

  • Please, Prescott traffic engineering, do something about the traffic light synchronization on Willow Creek Road! With Prescott growing, it is getting very difficult to navigate that road without dealing with increased congestion.

  • I’m happy that illegal crossings are down. However, it doesn’t negate the need for enforcement. Do you wait until your house is fully engulfed in flames to call the fire department? Borders are international lines, military supervision is completely acceptable.

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